Endo-vascular Neurosurgery Fellowship

Fellowship Director: David Case
Endovascular Team: Chris Roark, Josh Seinfeld, Dave Case, Zach Folzenlogen

The Endovascular Fellowship Program at University of Colorado is one of our newer fellowships and spans a wide range of cases, including eschemic, carotid stinting, endovascular aneurism (EVM), head and neck tumor embolization, spinal embolization, WADA testing, and pediatric.  

This is a highly selective two year program. We are interested in all candidates from all backgrounds, but we are especially interested in those who have already had a neuro critical care/stroke or neuro radiology fellowship prior to application. The first year consists of mostly diagnostic learning and cerebral arteriography. The second year is highly procedural and includes both pediatric and adult cases from across the city and entire region. Fellows will see as many as 600 to 800 cases per year. In addition to the cases from the University Hospital and Children’s Hospital, we are also the major referral site for Denver Health and the new VA Medical Center, and we have a new endovascular attending at UCHealth’s brand new Highlands Ranch Hospital.  

It’s an exciting program to be a part of, as UCHealth is a Comprehensive Stroke Center, we have the only Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit in the Rocky Mountain region, and we will be CAST certified in the next year.

For more information, contact:
David Case, Fellowship Director David.case@cuanschutz.edu
Krystin Martinez, Business Services Principal Professional Krystin.martinez@cuanschutz.edu