Surgical Approaches for Acoustic Neuromas

‚ÄčTranslabyrinthine Approach 

Performed through a curved incision behind the ear this approach is used for acoustic neuromas of all sizes when hearing has been severely damaged by the tumor or when hearing preservation is not possible. A small piece of fatty tissue is harvested from the lower abdomen and used to prevent leakage of cerebrospinal fluid leakage after the tumor has been removed. Graphic surgical procedure video.

Middle Fossa Approach

This approach is used for removal of small acoustic neuromas with preservation of hearing. A curved incision in the scalp above the ear is utilized and hidden in hair bearing areas. Graphic surgical procedure video.

Retrosigmoid Approach 

Acoustic neuromas of all sizes can be removed using this approach with the possibility of hearing preservation in patients with small to medium-sized tumors. A curved incision behind the ear is used for this approach and heals surrounded by hair bearing scalp tissue. Graphic surgical procedure video. 


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