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Spine Disorders PageThe University of Colorado Department of Neurosurgery Spine Center is unique in the region, offering the latest options and answers.  First, it is part of a multi-disciplinary approach spine program, at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH). Second, it is the neurosurgical spine service for The Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), The Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC) and The Children’s Hospital. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Witt, the spine service at UCH is part of a comprehensive program, offering the individual an opportunity to be evaluated for first line therapies for spine and neck issues prior to being referred for surgical consultation. This allows for the exploration of more conservative treatments before surgery is considered. If surgery is indicated Dr. Witt can provide the latest and most advanced technologies for the most complex surgical issues.

Dr. Kerry Brega heads the program at VAMC. The focus of their practice is the same as the Spine Center except the location differs. Drs. Brega, Finn​ and Witt work as partners in the amelioration of neurosurgical spine and neck disease or disorders.

Drs. Kathryn Beauchamp, Peter Lennarson and Wayne Gluf are stationed at DHMC. They specialize in traumatic injuries to the neck and back.  Denver Health is one of the leading trauma centers in the country and has access to a variety of specialists to provide the most comprehensive care for patients with severe traumatic injury.

The Children’s Hospital of Denver has two pediatric neurosurgeons that provide spine services.  Drs. Michael Handler and Corbett Wilkinson perform procedures ranging from removing spinal cord tumors to repairing myelomeningocele. This complement of pediatric neurosurgeons is the largest group practice in the region.

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