Translational Clinical Research in the Department of Neurosurgery

Treatment AreaTitlePrincipal InvestigatorMore Informtion
BiobankingNervous System Biorepository ProtocolKevin LilleheiAnthony Fringuello
Brain InjuryUniversity of Colorado Department of Neurosurgery Exosomes in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Protocol Kevin LilleheiTerra Ornelas
Brain Injury, StrokeImpact of Fever Prevention in Brain Injured Patients (INTREPID)Luis CavaTerra Ornelas
Brain TumorVigilant ObservatIon of GlIadeL WAfer ImplaNT (VIGILANT) Registry: A Multicenter, Observational Registry to
Collect Information on the Safety and Effectiveness of Gliadel® Wafer (Carmustine Implant) Used in Usual
Medical Practice
Kevin O. Lillehei, MDTerra Ornelas
Chiari/SyringomyeliaPark Reeves Syringomyelia Research SymposiumBrent O’NeillKim Poppleton 
CraniopharyngiomaaDvancing Treatment for Pediatric Craniopharyngioma (ATPC): Prospective Pilot Study Idnetifying Clinically Relevant Biological Targets for Medical Therapy Tod Hankinson Susan Staulcup 
EpilepsyPediatric Brain Lesions Associated with Intractable Epilepsy: Molecular Biology in Comparison to Aggressive Brain TumorsAllyson AlexanderKim Poppleton 
EpilepsyUsing chronic epilepsy monitoring to study the role of parietal and occipital cortex in movement initiation and perceptionThompsonPamela David Gerecht
EpilepsySLATE- Stereotactic Laser Ablation for Medial Temporal Lobe EpilepsyOjemannPamela David Gerecht
EpilepsyIdentifying relevant seizure biomarkers from RNS® System recorded electrocorticography for the development of optimized seizure detection algorithms.ThompsonPamela David Gerecht
EpilepsyAssociation of depth recordings from the temporal cortex with sleep pattern detection and characterization of sleep dysfunction in patients with refractory epilepsy ThompsonPamela David Gerecht
EpilepsyImpact of Surgical intervention treatment on sleep dysfunction in patients with refractory epilepsy.ThompsonPamela David Gerecht
EpilepsyBarriers to Epilepsy Surgery- SurveyOjemannPamela David Gerecht
Epilepsy Neurophysiological investigation of epistemic veracity in the context of ambiguous videographic evidenceThompsonPamela David Gerecht
MeningiomaCorrelation of pre-operative MRI for olfactory tract imaging with intraoperative findings and olfaction outcome Samy Youssef
Terra Ornelas
Movement DisordersSensory Gating Measured with Microelectrode Recording during Deep Brain Stimulation SurgeryGaultPamela David Gerecht
Movement DisordersAutomatic measurement of hand movements toward development of an objective assessment of primary motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease and Essential TremorThompsonPamela David Gerecht
NeurospychologyUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine Neuropsychology Database Brian HoytJen Maitlen
Parkinson’s disease and schizophreniaLeveraging ethical dissection among capacity, beneficence, and justice in clinical trials of neurotherapeutics in the severely disabledJudith GaultJudith Gault
Parkinsons DiseaseSubthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation effect on olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s diseaseThompsonPamela David Gerecht
Parkinsons DiseaseUnderstanding the role of subcortical oscillations in human sleep dysregulationThompsonPamela David Gerecht
Parkinsons DiseaseSubthalamic nucleus activity during habitual versus controlled movementThompsonPamela David Gerecht
Parkinsons DiseaseRESTORE-1: A Randomized, Placebo Surgery Controlled, Double-blinded, Multi-center, Phase 2 Clinical Trial, Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of VY-AADC02 in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease with Motor FluctuationsOjemannPamela David Gerecht
Parkinsons DiseaseA Post-Market Study Evaluating the Safety of Infinity DBS System with MR Conditional LabelingOjemannPamela David Gerecht
Skull Lesions (Calvarial Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis)Non-Operative Management of Suspected Calvarial Langerhans Cell HistiocytosisMichael Handler

Kim Poppleton 

Spine A Double Blinded Randomized control trial in Outcomes for Lumbar Decompressions with use of Liposomal BupivicainePeter WittTerra Ornelas


Clinical Trials

TitleTrial TypePrincipal InvestigatorEligibility & Information
RESTOREAdvanced Parkinson's Disease with Motor Fluctuations (Interventional)Steven Ojemann, MDPamela David-Gerecht 303-724-4134
Physiological Effects of Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation in Patients With Decreased Cerebral Perfusion Due to Brain Injury or Intracranial PathologyBrain Injury Device (interventional)Robert Neumann, MDJen Maitlen, RN 303-724-1995
Phase III Intergroup Study of Temozolomide Alone Versus Radiotherapy with Concomitant and Adjuvant Temozolomide Versus Radiotherapy with Adjuvant PCV Chemotherapy in Patients with 1p/19q Co-deleted Anaplastic GliomaBrain Tumor Drug vs Radiation with Drug (interventional)Brian Kavanagh 
Randomized Phase II Trial of Concurrent Bevacizumab and Re-Irradiation versus Bevacizumab Alone as Treatment for Recurrent GlioblastomaBrain Tumor Drug, Radiation (interventional)Laurie Gaspar, MDMonica Robischon, RN 720-848-0661
Stereotactic Laser Ablation for Temporal Lobe EpilepsyEpilespy (interventional)Steven Ojemann, MDPamela David-Gerecht 303-724-4134

Clinical Research

TitleTrial Type Principal InvestigatorEligibility & Information 
Frailty as a Predictor of Neurosurgical Outcomes in Brain Tumor PatientsBrain Tumor ObservationalD. Ryan Ormond, MDJen Maitlen, RN 303-724-1995
Central Nervous System Biorepository ProtocolBrain Surgery BioBankingKevin O. Lillehei, MDJen Maitlen, RN 303-724-1995
University of Colorado School of Medicine Neuropsychology DatabaseNeuropsychology ObservationalBrian Hoyt, PhDJen Maitlen, RN 303-724-1995
Using Parkinson’s disease to study the role of Substantia nigra pars reticulata in movement initiation and perception Electrophysiology during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (Research)Aviva Abosch, MD, PhDPamela David Gerecht, PhD 303-724-4134
Local Field Potentials Recorded from Deep Brain Stimulating Electrodes Implanted for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor or DystoniaElectrophysiology during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (Research)Aviva Abosch, MD, PhDPamela David Gerecht, PhD 303-724-4134
Sensory Gating Measured with Microelectrode Recording During Deep Brain Stimulation SurgeryElectrophysiology during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (Research)Aviva Abosch, MD, PhDPamela David Gerecht, PhD 303-724-4134
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