Wierman Lab

I am a physician scientist and our research spans from basic to translational to clinical research projects focused on neuroendocrinology, the reproductive system and endocrine neoplasia including pituitary and adrenal tumors.  Basic research studies: Our lab is interested in the control of the reproductive axis. We study the development and function of the GnRH neuronal system, control by peptide and steroid hormones, regulation of neuronal migration and epigenetic modulation. Insight into this system will give clues to understanding the normal control of puberty and causes of hypogonadism in men and amenorrhea and infertility in women. These studies will lead to better understanding of how hormones work and new treatment options for our patients.

A new translational area of interest for the lab is to understand what causes pituitary and adrenal tumors and cancer. Pituitary tumors present with hormone excess or hormone deficiencies, cause vision problems, are locally invasive and recur. Using gene arrays we have identified novel genes involved in pituitary tumors causing proliferation, migration and invasion. Study of human tumors and use of mouse models and cell systems may give new clinical biomarkers for aggressiveness and lead to new treatments for our patients.

Adrenal cancer is a rare but devastating disease and our new interdisciplinary research to study human tumor samples, develop new cell lines and models will bring new therapies for our patients.   

Additional clinical research projects focus on new treatments for hormone deficiencies or excess including: weekly Growth hormone therapy, new treatments for pituitary tumors and adrenal tumors.

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