The CU Endocrinology Thyroid Program

Our nationally recognized team specializes in the evaluation and management of thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, goiter, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. We provide innovative, personalized care of the highest quality to patients across the thyroid disease spectrum, from the work up and management of thyroid nodules and benign thyroid conditions to the treatment thyroid cancer including advanced disease.

About the Program

CU Endocrinology’s Division Head, Dr. Bryan Haugen, and other faculty, have parallel interest and expertise in basic, clinical, and translational thyroid disease research.

Our Division’s cutting edge scientific work and active clinical trials program further enhances innovation in clinical care.

  • CU Endocrinology faculty provide clinical care at the University of Colorado Hospital, the Denver Health Medical Center, and the Rocky Mountain VA Medical Center. 
  • We utilize on-site ultrasound guided thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy, on-site cytological interpretation and advanced molecular analysis, and high resolution Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine imaging to provide cutting edge evaluation of thyroid neoplasms. 
  • We collaborate with experienced colleagues in Endocrine Surgery, ENT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Pathology. This multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment options to patients with thyroid disease, including surgery, radioiodine therapy, dosimetry, radiation therapy, ethanol ablation of malignant lymph nodes, targeted chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

UCH Thrive Clinic

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Erin Meyerhoff, RN, FNP, CDE leads the UCH Thrive clinic- a clinical program for patients with thyroid cancer that is stable or in remission. The focus shifts from active cancer treatment to monitoring disease stability and emphasizing overall health and well-being
The best care of patients with thyroid disease is accomplished by close partnerships among multiple specialties including primary care, endocrinology, endocrine surgery, radiology and pathology. Our center has the advantage of specialists in each of these specialties that closely collaborate to the advantage of the patient.
- Robert McIntyre, MD, Professor of Surgery Division Chief GI, Trauma and Endocrine Surgery

Educational Programs and Conferences

In addition to our comprehensive ACGME Endocrinology Fellowship, we offer a 1-year multidisciplinary Thyroid Cancer Fellowship

  • Monthly multidisciplinary Thyroid/Parathyroid Clinical Conference 
  • Monthly multidisciplinary Radioactive Iodine Conference 
  • Biennial Thyroid Nodule and Cancer Symposium and Patient Education Day
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Meet Our Team

Multidisciplinary Team
Bryan Haugen, MDKimi Kondo, DO - Interventional Radiology
Thomas Jensen, MDBennett Chin, MD - Nuclear Medicine
Amanda La Greca, MDJennifer Kwak, MD - Nuclear Medicine
Sarah Mayson, MDKristin McKinney, MD - Ultrasound
Michael McDermott, MDNayana Patel, MD - Ultrasound
Bev McLaughlin, MA 
Erin Meyerhoff, RN, FNP, CDEENT Head and Neck Surgery
Nikita Pozdeyev, MD, PhDJulie Goddard, MD
Virginia Sarapura, MD 
Medical OncologyRadiation Oncology
Dan Bowles, MDSana Karam, MD, PhD
Madeleine Kane, MD, PhDRyan Lanning, MD
PathologyEndocrine Surgery
Carrie Marshall, MDMaria Albuja-Cruz, MD
Sanjana Mehrotra, MDRobert McIntyre, MD
Sharon Sams, MDChristopher Raeburn, MD
Jena French, PhD 
Bryan Haugen, MD 
Rebecca Schweppe, PhD 


Team Testimonials

Brian Haugen
I am a clinician-scientist interested in clinical care for patients with thyroid nodules and cancer, as well as research to better understand how thyroid cancer progresses and novel therapeutic targets using thyroid cancer cell lines, novel mouse models of thyroid cancer and clinical trials in patients.
- Bryan Haugen, MD, Professor, Endocrinology Division Head
Sarah Mayson
I joined the Endocrine Division in 2015 and have no intention of ever leaving. I love the patient-centered, collaborative approach to thyroid care at CU. There is also a strong commitment to innovation in education. Our Endocrinology Fellowship provides outstanding, comprehensive training. Through our traditional fellowship and novel programs, like the Thyroid Cancer Fellowship, our goal is to train future leaders in thyroidology and endocrinology.
- Sarah Mayson, MD, Associate Professor, Director of the Thyroid Nodule Clinical Program, Director of the Endocrinology Fellowship and Thyroid Cancer Fellowship
Amanda LaGreca
I'm an Endocrinologist with special interest in Thyroid Neoplasms. I joined CU in 2019 to be part of this great team known for its innovative research. I take care of patients with all stages of thyroid cancer, including advanced cases in a special clinic with a multidisciplinary approach. We are soon starting our Thyroid Cancer Transition Clinic to better support the change from pediatric to adult healthcare and improve the quality of care of patients with this chronic illness.
- Amanda La Greca, MD, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology Faculty
Virginia Sarapura
My interest in thyroid disorders, among other areas of endocrinology, has been central to my academic career. I practice at the Outpatient Endocrine Clinics at the University of Colorado Hospital and Denver Health Medical Center, and I also attend in the Inpatient Endocrine Service at Denver Health. Working in these two settings, I see a wide range of patient populations, with different education, resources and expectations. This has taught me to adapt to these differences and adopt different approaches, while aiming for the best possible outcome for each patient.
- Virginia Sarapura, MD, Professor, Endocrinology Faculty
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