Bergman Lab

bryan bergman

Bryan Bergman, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Bergman’s research investigates the relationship between muscle lipids and insulin sensitivity, and he has been continuously funded by the NIH since 2005.

Dr. Bergman is also the director of the Molecular and Cellular Analysis core for the Nutrition and Obesity Research Center, and his lab runs a “Lipidomics and Mass Spetrometry core” that is directed by Dr. Karin Zemski Berry.

Research Topics


Researching to understand the relationship between skeletal muscle subcellular lipid localization and insulin resistance in humans

The lab is investigating how the intracellular location, molecular species, and isomers of diacylglycerol and sphingolipids promote insulin resistance in humans.

The current study is investigating these changes after insulin sensitizing lifestyle interventions and is funded by R01DK111559.

Elucidate how intermuscular adipose tissue impacts skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity, muscle strength, and size in humans

This study combines muscle biopsy visits with elective surgeries to obtain intermuscular, subcutaneous, and visceral adipose tissue biopsies and is funded by R01DK118149.

Pursuing mechanistic relationships between inter- and intra-muscular lipids and insulin sensitivity using primary muscle cell culture

This model is unique as the phenotype of donor is maintained in culture. The lab is using this model to determine mechanisms underlying the relationship between localized muscle lipids and insulin sensitivity, and how the secretome of intermuscular adipose tissue promotes insulin resistance

Uncover novel therapeutic targets to increase muscle insulin sensitivity, a need not bet by currently therapies, to help prevent and treat pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Lab Personnel

Berman Lab Personnel
Amanda Garfield


Amanda Garfield

Professional Research Assistant

darcy kahn


Darcy Kahn

Pre-Doctoral Trainee

Simona Zarini, PhD


Simona Zarini, PhD

Senior Instructor

Karin Zemski Berry, PhD


Karin Zemski Berry, PhD

Senior Instructor