Endocrine Grand Rounds

Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

This talk series is a highlight of the educational mission of our division. It is scheduled from September through June of every academic year and is held from 8–9 am on Wednesday mornings on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Hensel Phelps West Auditorium of Research Complex-1 North, Room P18-1006. Current concepts and controversies in all areas of clinical and translational Endocrinology are presented, often in the context of a case presentation.   

These talks are given by our division faculty and fellows, in addition to faculty from other divisions both within and outside the Department of Medicine as well as visiting Professors from other institutions. The Fundamentals and What’s New Series has been incorporated into Endocrinology Grand Rounds starting in 2009.   

Each major subspecialty area of Endocrinology is covered across a 2-year cycle in a series of talks that includes basic concepts, pathophysiology, and highlights of recent advances in translational research and clinical care of the particular endocrine system being presented.

If you would like to have a live stream of Endocrine Grand Rounds, please contact Bev McLaughlin via email: Bev.McLaughlin@cuanschutz.edu




In person - RC1 North, Room P18-1006 (Hensel Phelps West Auditorium)


Wednesdays, 8:00AM - 9:00AM


 9/04/2024Dr. Whitney GoldnerCU - Endocrinology  Hensel Phelps Auditorium West 
 9/11/2024Dr Sophia AmbrusoCU -Nephrology  
 9/18/20242nd Year FellowsCU - Endocrinology  
 9/25/2024Dr Jacqueline Jonklaas - Ridgway Visiting Prof.Georgetown - Endocrinology  
 10/02/2024Dr David SaxonCU - Endocrinology  
 10/09/2024Dr Salwa ZahalkaCU - Endocrinology  
 10/16/2024Dr Casey GreenCU - Biomedical        Informatics  
 10/23/2024FellowsCU - Endocrinology  
 10/30/2024Dr Shanlee DavisCU Peds Endocrinology  
 11/06/2024Dr Sean IwamotoCU - Endocrinology  
 11/13/2024Dr Dale Abel MD, PhD -Eckel LectureshipUCLA  
 11/20/2024FellowsCU Endocrinology  
 12/4/2024  M & MCU Endocrinology  
 12/11/2024Dr Vivian Weiss MD, PhDVanderbuilt University  
1/01/2025WINTER BREAK   
 1/08/2025 FellowsCU Endocrinology  
 1/15/2025 Dr Micol Rothman & Dr David SaxonCU Endocrinology  


  Hensel Phelps West
DateSpeakerInstitutionPresentation TitleLocation
9/6/2023Dr. Bryan HaugenUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineThyroid Hormone Action: A Primer and Practical ApplicationsHensel Phelps West
9/13/2023Dr. Aime FrancoUniversity of PennsylvaniaPediatric thyroid cancer: Why they are not just 'little' adult tumorsHensel Phelps West
9/20/2023Fellows Presentations- Dr. Madeline Fasen and Dr. Chermaine HungUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineDr Hung: “Atypical presentations of insulinoma”  Dr Fasen: Endocrine Manifestations in Langerhans Cell HistiocytosisHensel Phelps West
9/27/2023Dr. Neda RasouliUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineFuture of Incretin-Based therapiesHensel Phelps West

Dr. Ursula Kaiser- E. Chester Ridgeway Visiting Professor


Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Neuroendocrine Circuits: Fertile Ground for Reproductive Health from Puberty to Menopause”Hensel Phelps West
10/11/2023Fellows Presentations- Dr. Michaela Barbera and Dr. Eugene LooiUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine"History of Growth Hormone" &  "A Case of Recurrent DKA Hospital Admissions and Severe Insulin Resistance"Hensel Phelps West

Dr. Jane Reusch


University of Colorado School of MedicineComprehensive Diabetes Care: Urgent and Refined in the Post CVOT eraHensel Phelps West
10/25/2023Dr. Arwa ElsheikhUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineOsteogenesis Imperfecta: Overview of Diagnosis and Management Hensel Phelps West
11/1/2023Dr. Ann Marie Schmidt- Eckel Endowed LectureshipNew York University Langone Medial CenterRAGE/DIAPH1: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities in Obesity and DiabetesHensel Phelps West

Fellows Presentations- Dr. Monique Maher and Dr. Maria Paula Reyes Ramirez

University of Colorado School of MedicineA case highlighting therapy considerations in secondary hyperparathyroidism in CKD & Management and surveillance of primary hyperparathyroidism and pancreatic tumors in MEN 1Hensel Phelps West
11/15/2023Dr. Premal TrivediUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineAdrenal Vein Sampling demystifiedHensel Phelps West
11/22/2023No Conference - Thanksgiving
11/29/2023Fellows Presentations- Dr. Chermaine Hung, Dr. Madeline Fasen and Dr. Caitlin BellUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

M & M: "Endocrinology Collaborative Case Review: Severe Hypercalcemia in Primary Hyperparathyroidism”

Hensel Phelps West

Dr. Christie Turin More

University of Colorado School of MedicineSodium and Water Disturbances After Pituitary SurgeryHensel Phelps West
12/13/2023Fellows Presentations- Dr. Eugene Looi and Dr. Danielle KirelikUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

Looi - "Fat in All the Wrong Places: A Review of Lipodystrophy"     

Kirelick -  "A Review of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Resistance"

Hensel Phelps West

Dr. Carrie Marshall


University of Colorado School of MedicineChanges in the WHO Thyroid tumor ClassificationHensel Phelps West
12/27/2023No Conference - Holiday Break
1/3/2024No Conference - Holiday Break

Second year peds fellow talks - Elizabeth Vargas and Ideen Tabatabai



Vargas - Health Disparities among Latinx youth and Type 1 Diabetes 

Tabatabai - Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia- A non-classic case of non-clasic CAH

Hensel Phelps West
1/17/2024Dr. Thomas JensenUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

“MASLD:  An Update in Steatotic Liver Disease… More than Just Nomenclature”


Dr. David Conroy

Penn State

“Advances in Health Behavior Change to Meet Patients Where They Are: Interventions to Promote Physical Activity & Fluid Intake”

Hensel Phelps West
01/31/2024Fellow talks - Alexandra Sawyer and Caitlin BellUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

Alexandra Sawyer, MD-"Congenital Hyperinsulinism: A Case of Monogenic Hyperinsulinism in an Infant"

Caitlin Bell, MD - "Overview of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome"

2/7/2024Stephen Hammes, MD, PhDUniversity of RochesterPolycystic Ovary Syndrome: What is it and Who is to BlameHensel Phelps West
2/14/2024Helen Lawler, MDUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine 

The Complexities of Post-Bariatric Hypoglycemia

Hensel Phelps West

Fellow talks - Maria Paula Reyez Ramirez and Danielle Kirelik



  Hensel Phelps West
2/28/2024Micol Rothman, MD     

University of Colorado School of Medicine

 Hensel Phelps West
3/6/2024M&M senior adult endo fellows - Becca Rosenberg and Salwa Zahalka The other AI- A near miss in a patient with secondary adrenal insufficiencyHensel Phelps West

Kristen Nadeau, MD

University of Colorada  - Colorado Children's HospitalUnique Features of Youth - Onset vs Adult-Onset Type 2 Daibetes Hensel Phelps West
3/20/2024Fellow talks - Michaela Barbera and Danielle Kirelik 

Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis &

A case of surprising DEXA

Hensel Phelps West
3/27/2024Margaret Wierman, MDUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineInteresting Pituitary casesHensel Phelps West

7:30am start with OB/GYN: Cynthia Steunkel


UCSDHormone Therapy and History of Research on Menopausal WomenHensel Phelps West
4/10/2024Fellow talks - Maria Paula Reyez Ramirez and Michaela Barbera Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas: Risk factors for metastatic disease and Surveillance.  Hypoglycemia associated  autonomic failureHensel Phelps West

Endocrine Jeopardy

Stortz, Rosenberg, Zahalka




Hensel Phelps West


Muthiah Nachiappan, MD



University of Colorado School of Medicine - Nuclear Medicine Theranostics in NETHensel Phelps West

Fellow talks - Erin Bewley and Eugene Looi



"A Rare Case of Ectopic ACTH Producing Pituitary Adenoma in a 2-year-old"


“Endocrine Manifestations in Systemic Amyloidosis”


Hensel Phelps West
5/8/2024   Hensel Phelps West


Rocio Pereira, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine  - Denver Health"Social and Cultural considertions in Endocrine Care"Hensel Phelps West
5/22/2024Thyroid Oncology and Diabetes Fellow talks - Noha Mukhtar and Kavita Shah 

Shah - Severe Insulin Resistance

Mukhtar - RET-fusion in NoMedullary Thyroid Cancer: Escaping the ordinary.

Hensel Phelps West

Off for premtg ENDO2024


  Hensel Phelps West
6/5/2024Fellow - Victoria Lu and Dana Siegel 

Lu - Beyon the Scale: A Brief review of rare genetic causes of obesity

Siegel- Primary Ovarian insufficiency and reproductive options current therapies and future directions

Hensel Phelps West


Karen Christopher, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine  - Ophthomology

Blurry Vision to Blindness: Diabetic Retinopathy and its Clinical Impact

06/19/2024QI project presentations for 3 adult endo fellows - Caitlin Bell, Chermaine Hung, Madeline Fasen 

Hung- -Continuous Glucose Monitoring Journal Club for pharmacists in primary care at the VA Hospital 

Bell - Implementation of CGM teaching into internal medicine residency didactics 

Fasen - Perioperative management of Diabeteds in Bariatric Patients


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