Metabolic Bone Disease

Micol Rothman MD, Michael McDermott MD, Christine Swanson MD, and Sterling West MD specialize in the diagnosis and management of metabolic bone disease and parathyroid disorders. Metabolic bone disorders are conditions that result in fractures or deformity of bones due to abnormal bone remodeling. The most common metabolic bone diseases are osteoporosis, osteomalacia, Paget's disease, renal osteodystrophy, osteitis fibrosa cystica and osteogenesis imperfecta. Diagnostic techniques available include state-of-the-art bone densitometry (Dual Energy X-ray absorptiometry or DXA), radiology, biochemical testing and bone biopsy, when indicated. Treatment modalities for bone diseases include exercise counseling, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, calcium supplements, vitamin D supplements, medications that inhibit bone resorption (bisphosphonates, denosumab, estrogen, selective estrogen receptor modulators, calcitonin) and medications that stimulate bone formation (anabolic bone therapies). The team also provides expert evaluation and management of disorders of the parathyroid glands with biochemical testing, parathyroid scanning, neck ultrasound and, when indicated, referral for surgery by one of our 3 experienced Endocrine Surgeons, Robert McIntyre MD, Chris Raeburn MD and Maria Albuza Cruz MD.

The Endocrinology and Diabetes Practice at University of Colorado Hospital, which provides all of the above services is located in the Endocrinology and Diabetes Practice, located on the 6th floor of the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion at the Anschutz Centers for Advanced Medicine, 1635 Aurora Ct, Aurora CO 80045; for appointments or additional information, please call 720-848-2650. 

Dr. Robert Eckel works in the Cardiovascular Center located on the third floor of the Anschutz Oupatient Pavilion; for appointments or additional information, please call 720-848-5300. 

Dr. Holly Wyatt works in the Anschutz Health and Wellness Clinic located at 12348 E. Montview Blvd., Aurora, CO; for appointments or additional information, please call 303-724-9030.

Dr James Falko works at our Park Meadows Clinic located at 8080 E. Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree, CO ; for appointments or additional information, please call 720-848-9300.

Dr Leigh Perreault works at our Boulder Clinic located at 350 Broadway, Boulder, CO and our Westminster Clinic located at 7403 Church Ranch Blvd. #107, Westminsiter, CO; for appointments for Boulder Clinic call 720-848-9200 and for Westminster please call 720-848-9400.