UCHealth Integrated Transgender Program (UCH ITP)

Founded in September 2017


We provide extraordinary whole-person care for transgender and gender diverse individuals


To provide integrated, collaborative clinical care, to advance research, to educate others, and to engage with the community

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Pre-Clinic Huddle

Clinical Care Highlights

  • 2019 University of Colorado Hospital Medical Staff Award for Excellence in Clinical Innovation
  • Model of care: Patients can see multiple providers on the same day, in the same room, sometimes at the same time, and for one co-pay
  • Vast spectrum of gender-affirming hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery offered, and we are the only place in Colorado that currently offers phalloplasty
  • Monthly Patient Review Board to discuss complex medical and mental health concerns that arise during preoperative evaluation
dr. rothman We are one of the only adult programs in the country where patients can see multiple providers as part of the same visit in the same clinic. This makes it easier for the patient and allows providers to communicate plans in real time for optimal coordination of care. We also provide care in a gender neutral space to ensure patient comfort.
—Micol Rothman, MD

Research Highlights

  • A strong research arm was designated as a 5-year goal by our Division Head, Dr. Bryan Haugen, in 2020
  • We are recruiting transgender and gender diverse participants for studies funded by the CU Center for Women’s Health Research, CCTSI/CTRC, Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center, World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and an NIH/BIRCWH K12 Scholar Training Project (Dr. Sean Iwamoto)
  • Developing a patient registry to monitor retrospective and prospective outcomes at UCH ITP and TRUE Center for Gender Diversity as part of a national database


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ENDO 2018

dr. iwamoto It is important to develop studies that represent the transgender and gender diverse populations we see in Colorado. Our results will help inform future research, contribute to improvements in gender-affirming care, and improve confidence that shared decision making between patients and providers is more evidence-based. 
— Sean Iwamoto, MD


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Education Highlights

  • 2017 CU Diversity & Excellence Grant to fund a provider education day 
  • Give lectures on transgender and gender diverse health across disciplines on local, state, national and international stages
  • Helped create an education video for UCHealth staff on sensitively collecting sexual orientation/gender identity information in Epic
  • Drs. Micol Rothman and David Saxon organized the 12-month online Comprehensive Care for Transgender Patients sessions, partially funded by a Medicaid Upper Payment Limit grant
  • Bringing transgender and gender diverse health to the new CUSOM Trek medical school curriculum
Dr. SaxonI've been struck over the past few years by how far some of my transgender patients need to travel to see me for gender-affirming care. My interest in being involved in our transgender ECHO program is rooted in the hope that with a little bit of education, over an extended period of time, more and more clinicians will be locally available for transgender individuals so that they don't have to be inconvenienced in seeking out what I believe should be routine and standard care.
— David Saxon, MD

Community Engagement and Advocacy

  • 2019 Ally Award from One Colorado Education Fund, the state’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy group
  • Denver PrideFest 2019 and community health resource fairs
  • A Community Advisory Board, with gender diverse patients, providers and community advocates, provides feedback on UCH ITP patient education materials, patient flow through our program, and research studies
  • Drs. Sean Iwamoto and Micol Rothman represent UCH ITP and CUSOM as part of an 11-member inaugural Endocrine Society Transgender Research & Medicine Special Interest Group Steering Committee

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Health Fair 

The Community Advisory Board solicits valuable insights from the community to guide program growth and direction. Direct feedback from the LGBTQ community ensures our program and services are aligned with community needs. Post-visit feedback assists in process optimization, organizational improvement, and visibility where change is needed.
— Keily Fisher, UCH ITP Program Coordinator

Current Research Studies

Recent PubMed Publications

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Meet our team

Micol Rothman, MD *
Sean Iwamoto, MD *
David Saxon, MD
Daniel Hammond, PA-C  

Primary Care/General Internal Medicine
Rita Lee, MD *
Danielle Loeb, MD, MPH

Mental Health
Robert Davies, MD *
Debbie Carter, MD *

Gynecologic Care & Surgery
Tricia Huguelet, MD *
Veronica Alaniz, MD *

Plastic Surgery
Christodoulos Kaoutzanis, MD
Brooke French, MD *
David Mathes, MD
David Khechoyan, MD
Tae Chong, MD
Shannon Phillips, PA

Urologic Surgery
Ty Higuchi, MD
Paul Maroni, MD

Andrew Winkler, MD
Matthew Clary, MD
Marie Jetté, PhD

Infectious Diseases
Katherine Frasca, MD *

Carla Torres-Zegarra, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology at TRUE Center for Gender Diversity
Daniel Reirden, MD
Natalie Nokoff, MD, MPH
Sarah Bergamy, PsyD *

Social Work
Lauren Barr, MSW, LCSW

Shelby Daniels, BSN, RN

John Hart, MHA
Keily Fisher (Program Coordinator) *

Professional Research Assistant
Danielle Kline, MS (Senior)

Mary Mancuso, MA

* Co-Founder