Endocrine Research Conference

Fall 2023  - Spring 2024

This talk series is a highlight of the research mission of our division. It is scheduled from September through June of each academic year and is held from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm, Wednesday mornings on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the 7th Floor Conference room of Research Complex-1 South. Current concepts and controversies in all areas of Endocrinology are presented.

These talks are given by our division faculty and fellows and post docs, in addition to faculty from other divisions both within and outside the Department of Medicine as well as visiting Professors from other institutions.

Each major subspecialty area of Endocrinology is covered across a 2-year cycle in a series of talks that includes basic concepts, pathophysiology, and highlights of recent advances in translational research and clinical care of the particular endocrine system being presented.

If you would like to have a live stream of our research, please contact Bev McLaughlin via email: Bev.McLaughlin@cuanschutz.edu


In person- RC1-South 7th Floor Conference Room (zoom option available)


Wednesdays, 11:00AM-12:00PM


 No Conference- Holiday
8/30/2023Dr. Hans Strijdom, PhDProfessor and Head of the Division of Medical Physiology at Stellenbosch University, South AfricaHIV-associated cardiometabolic risk and disease: findings from the EndoAfrica studyRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
9/6/2023Joanne ColeUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

"Two stories using large-scale genomics to explore complex metabolic traits: dietary intake and diabetic kidney disease"

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
9/13/2023Christopher Perry- NORC SpeakerSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science, Muscle Health Research Centre, York University, TorontoUnexpected adaptive responses in mitochondria and muscle force during cancer cachexiaRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
9/20/2023Sky (Schuyler) Lee

Research Senior Instructor

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Applying Advanced Multi-omics to Your Research: Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell-omics, and Spatial-omicsRC-1 South 7th Floor Conference Room
9/27/2023Darleen Sandoval


University of Colorado School of Medicine


Targeting the gut-brain axis in treatment of obesityRC-1 South 7th Floor Conference Room
10/4/2023Ursula Kaiser- Ridgeway Scholar

Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Neuroendocrine Control of Puberty and Reproduction: Insights from Genetic Studies of Pubertal Disorders”RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
10/11/2023Simona ZariniSr. Instructor University of Colorado School of MedicineDeoxysphingolipids – novel skeletal muscle lipids related to insulin resistance in humans that decrease insulin sensitivity in vitroRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
10/18/2023Janine Higgins


University of Colorado School of Medicine

You Are What You Eat: Fact, Fiction, or Perception? RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
10/25/2023Richard Benninger

Associate Professor

University of Colorado School of Medicine

“Endocrine cell heterogeneity driving pancreatic islet function in health and diabetes”RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
11/1/2023Miguel Lanaspa

Associate Professor

University of Colorado School of Medicine

 RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
11/8/2023Tyler CookPost-Doc University of Colorado School of MedicineMechanisms Associated with Postbariatric HypoglycemiaRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
11/15/2023Katharina Hopp

Assistant Professor

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Metabolism & Caloric Intake: Key Modulators of Polycystic Kidney Disease ProgressionRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
11/22/2023No Conference- Holiday​​ ​​​
11/29/2023Terry HernandezProfessor

In Defense of Carbs:  A Randomized Trial to Challenge the Low Carb Diet in Gestational Diabetes

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room


12/13/2023Bryan Haugen, MDProfessor University of Colorado School of MedicineAdventures in Single Cell RNA Sequencing in Cancer: Interesting Endocrinologic Targets RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
12/20/2023​No Conference- Holiday   
12/27/2023​No Conference- Holiday
1/3/2024​No Conference- Holiday
1/10/2024Emma Robinson, PhDPost DocReversible Myristoylation of Hormone Sensitive Lipase Attenuates Adipocyte LipolysisRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
1/17/2024Tom La Rocca

Assistant Professor Colorado State University

Novel RNA mediators of inflammation in aging, neurodegeneration and metabolismRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
1/24/2024Kim Bruce 

Associate Professor

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Targeting Microglial Metabolism in Neurodegenerative Disease

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
1/31/2024Rocio PereiraProfessor

Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology in a Safety-Net Health Care System

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
2/7/2024Stephen R. Hammes 

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM):  The “Other” Hormone-Sensitive Cancer

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room

Noah Thyberg 


Justine Johnson

Cellular Analyssis Speicialist

Field Applications Specialist


Nanolive’s label-free live cell imaging  technology


RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
2/21/2024Cecilia Low Wang


University of Colorado School of Medicine

Pilot study of a community health worker
intervention with or without mHealth for
type 2 diabetes in rural Colorado
RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
2/28/2024Curtis HenryAssociate ProfessorDelineating the Pleiotropic Effects of Obesity on T-cell Function and Immunotherapy EfficacyRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
3/6/2024Kevin Hall  “The Calculus of Calories: Quantifying
Body Weight Regulation in Humans”

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room

* Note time change to 3:00 pm

3/13/2024Emily HillPost Doc FellowExploration of multi-omics assessments within nutrition interventions to evaluate impacts on health 
3/20/2024Seth CreasyAssistant Professor Tick-Tock: Does the Timing of Physical Activity Matter?RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
3/27/2024No Conference - Spring Break
4/3/2024Carol SartoriusProfessorHormones, metabolism, and metastasis in endocrine resistant breast cancerRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
4/10/2024Noah JohnsonAssistant Professor"Developing inhibitors of apolipoprotein E for Alzheimer's disease". RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
4/17/2024Jonathan KrakoffSection Chief“Defining a role for energy expenditure in weight regulation”RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
4/24/2024Neda Rasouli/Megan GriffProfessor / Instructor

What have we learned from the Rare and Atypical Diabetes Network (RADIANT)?

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
5/1/2024Clay SmithProfessorPrecision Medicine in AMLRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
5/8/2024Martha Susiarjo Assistant Professor

“Environmental modulator of tryptophan catabolism in pregnancy and effects on maternal fetal health”

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
5/15/2024Margaret WiermanProfessor"Adrenal Cancer: From the patient to the bench and back"RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
5/22/2024Audrey BergouignanAssociate ProfessorHuman Adaptation to Space Environment & Understanding the Pathophysiology of Sedentary BehaviorRC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room
5/29/2024No Conference- ENDO Conference   
6/5/2024Senior Fellows - Research Projects 

Hung - Pre-and Post operative evaluations and outcomes after adrenalectomy.

Bell -

Update on Thyroid Cancer- Related Research Projects

RC1-South, 7th Floor Conference Room



6/12/24Senior Fellows - Research Projects 

Zahalka - Increasing the use of Continuous Glocose Monitoring in Geriatrics

Rosenberg - Examing the Effects of Morning and Evening Excercise on Glucous Regulation in adults with Prediabetes

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