Endocrine Research Conference: Fall 2020/Spring 2021

RC1S, L18-7109
7th Floor Conference Room

Wednesdays, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  

Date​Speaker​InstitutionPresentation Title​Location
9/1/2021CU InnovationsUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineAn Introduction to CU InnovationsZoom Only
9/8/2021Christopher KorchUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineTools to Save Your Biomedical Research from the Threat of Imposter Cell LinesZoom Only
 9/16/2021Emma RobinsonUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineThe Role of HDAC11 in Fat, the Heart and Fat-Heart CrosstalkZoom Only
9/22/2021 Lauren FishbeinUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineGenetic Insights into Pheochromocytoma/ParagangliomaZoom Only
9/29/2021Ki Suk KimUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine Zoom Only
​10/6/2021Lori RaetzmanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Chamaign Zoom Only
10/13/2021   Zoom Only
10/20/2021Anupam KotwalUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center Zoom Only
10/27/2021Karen JonscherUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Zoom Only
11/3/2021Adwitiya KarUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine Zoom Only

Andrew Libby

University of Colorado School of Medicine Zoom Only
11/17/2021Traci LyonsUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine Zoom Only
11/24/2021No Conference- Holiday    
12/1/2021   Zoom Only
12/8/2021   Zoom Only
12/15/2021   Zoom Only
12/22/2021No Conference- Holiday​​ ​​​
12/29/2021​No Conference- Holiday 
​1/5/2022​No Conference- Holiday   
​1/12/2022   TBD
​1/21/2022   TBD
​1/28/2022   TBD
​2/9/2022   TBD
​2/16/2022   TBD
​2/23/2022   TBD
​3/2/2022   TBD
​3/9/2022Endocrine Society Presentations   
​3/16/2022   TBD
​3/23/2022   TBD
​3/30/2022No Conference- Spring Break   
​4/6/2022   TBD
​4/13/2022   TBD
​4/20/2022   TBD
​4/27/2022   TBD
​5/4/2022   TBD
​5/11/2022   TBD



​5/25/2022   TBD