Endocrine Research Conference: Fall 2020/Spring 2021

RC1S, L18-7109
7th Floor Conference Room

Wednesdays, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  

Date​Speaker​InstitutionPresentation Title​Location
9/2/2020 Emilia Pinto, PhD St. Jude Children's Research Hospital TP53 and Genetic Modifiers in Adrenocortical Tumors Zoom Only
9/9/2020 Danielle Ostendorf CU Anschutz Health and Wellness CenterNovel Strategies for Promoting Increases in Physical Activity in Adults with Overweight or Obesity: A Focus on Motivation Zoom Only
 9/16/2020 Subbiah Pugazhenthi University of Colorado School of MedicineInsulin Degrading Enzyme as a Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's DiseaseZoom Only
9/23/2020 No Conference   
9/30/2020Charles Burant, MD, PhDUniversity of MichiganDissecting the Molecular Basis of Cardiorespiratory FitnessZoom Only
​10/72020Raymond Soccio, PhDUniversity of PennsylvaniaThe Genetics of Gene Regulation in Human Obesity​​​​​Zoom Only
10/14/2020 Phil Scherrer, PhDThe University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterThe Multifaceted Roles of Adipose Tissue for Diabetes, Obesity and BeyondZoom Only
10/21/2020Kristy Brown, PhDWeill Cornell MedicineHungry for a Cure: Translating Mechanistic Studies of Obesity and Breast CancerZoom Only
10/28/2020Kristen DesantoUniversity of Colorado, Health Sciences Library Library Resources: PubMed, EndNote, and More!​​Zoom Only
11/4/2020Lindsey Trevino, PhDCity of Hope Zoom Only

Rob Fowkes, PhD​


​Royal Veterinary College All Creatures Great and Small; Comparative Models of Growth-associated DisordersZoom Only
11/18/2020 Leah Cook, MS PhDUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center  Zoom Only
11/25/2020No Conference- Holiday    
12/2/2020 Ed Melanson University of Colorado School of Medicine Zoom Only
12/9/2020 Adina Turco University of Michigan Zoom Only
12/16/2020 Sridharan Raghavan

 University of Colorado School of Medicine


 Zoom Only
12/23/2020No Conference- Holiday​​ ​​​
12/30/2020​No Conference- Holiday 
​3/31/2021No Conference- Spring Break