Melanson Lab

Edward Melanson, PhD

My research is focused on uncovering biological mechanisms that influence energy balance and thus the propensity towards weight gain and obesity. The primary focus of my lab is understanding how lifestyle interventions, particularly adoption of regular exercise, impacts energy expenditure and substrate oxidation. I have also established stimulating collaborations to explore novel factors that may influence energy and substrate balance such as disruptions in sleep and circadian rhythms, and suppression of female sex hormones. In these studies, we utilize state-of-the art approaches such as whole-room indirect calorimetry and doubly labeled water to precisely measure total energy expenditure and its components. Another focus in my laboratory is conducting studies that will accelerate the development and use of novel approaches for studying free-living energy expenditure and physical activity in humans. These studies will expand our ability to accurately assess physical activity and energy expenditure in free-living humans, and will ultimately lead to lower-cost, accurate, and objective means of assessing these behaviors in both clinical practice and research.