Clinical Training

Inpatient Endocrine Consult Services

With support and supervision from the faculty, one of the roles of the first year fellows is to help run the inpatient endocrine consult service. This includes managing the consult team, which also often includes medical students and residents, seeing initial consultations and follow ups, presenting to the consult team during daily rounds, and acting as a liaison to the primary teams.

Our program utilizes a 3+1 schedule during the first year, which includes 3 sequential weeks of inpatient consults at each one of the 3 hospitals (UCH, RMR VAMC, or DH), followed by a 1-week purely ambulatory rotation. They move between the sites on a rotating basis. There is a dedicated didactic teaching session with the VA and UCH consult attendings for all first year fellows 2 times per week.

Fellows in the clinical-educator track spend 4-6 weeks on the inpatient endocrine consult service during their 2nd year of training, while research fellows cover 2 weeks. All 2nd year fellows (both tracks) have the opportunity to do a 2 week elective on the inpatient Glucose Management Team (GMT) at UCH.

With 3 distinct clinical sites and a very large regional catchment area that spans hundreds of miles and multiple states, the diversity of endocrine cases seen on the inpatient consult service is especially rich. Please refer to our Facilities page for additional information about the clinical training sites. 

We see many common endocrine issues, such as hyperthyroidism, hypercalcemia, pituitary tumors, and consults for glycemic management; uncommon disorders, like acromegaly, adrenocortical carcinoma, and insulinoma; and also some real “zebras”, such as metastatic paraganglionoma with severe hemodynamic instability

Outpatient Clinical Experience

The Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes has outpatient clinics in the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion at UCH, as well as others at the nearby Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (obesity/weight loss focused) and the University of Colorado Cancer Center (advanced thyroid cancer clinic). Many of these are multidisciplinary and are held jointly with medical specialists in areas outside of endocrinology and/or with our surgical colleagues, which presents a unique learning opportunity for fellows.

First year endocrine fellows attend 2-4 half-days of clinic per week. The number of clinics varies depending on their assigned rotation. The clinics includes general endocrine continuity clinics at the RMR VAMC and DH, a VA telehealth clinic, and specialized clinics focused in pituitary disorders, adrenal disease, thyroid cancer, thyroid nodule biopsy, and advanced diabetes technology (insulin pumps, CGMs), as well as outpatient elective opportunities across our core clinical training sites.

Second year fellows attend 1.5 half-days (research track) or 3-4 half-days (clinical-educator track) of clinic per week. In addition to continuity clinics, 2nd year fellows participate in specialized clinics dedicated to transgender health, metabolic bone disease, lipid disorders, reproductive endocrinology and diabetes/endocrine disorders in pregnancy, as well as outpatient elective opportunities. They get to choose from variety of general and specialized endocrine/diabetes clinics at our 3 core hospitals and at other training sites, including pediatric endocrine clinics at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Third year research fellows typically attend one half-day of clinic per week (continuity clinic).

health and wellness center on campus

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

Outpatient endocrine clinics offered at UCH

General Endocrine Clinic
Team Diabetes Clinic
Metabolic Bone Clinic
Thyroid Neoplasms/Thyroid Biopsy Clinic (with parallel Endocrine Surgery clinic)
Pituitary Tumor Clinic (multidisciplinary with Neurosurgery)
NAFLD Clinic (multidisciplinary with Hepatology)
Integrated Transgender Clinic (multidisciplinary with Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery)
Lipid Clinic
Advanced Thyroid Cancer Clinic (joint clinic with Oncology)
Endocrine Disorders in Pregnancy/OB Diabetes Clinic (Dr. Barbour)
woman using sonogram machine to examine throat

Endocrine outpatient clinics at the Rocky Mountain Regional VAMC and Denver Health Medical Center

There are also active general endocrine outpatient clinics at the Rocky Mountain Regional VAMC and Denver Health Medical Center. The VA also has several specialized endocrine clinics, including a medical weight management clinic, a thyroid biopsy clinic, a type 1 diabetes (insulin pump/CGM) clinic, and a well-established telehealth clinic. The telehealth clinic allows for care to be provided to veterans throughout Colorado and the surrounding states where access to endocrine care is limited.
Closeup of VA building shot from ground

Rocky Mountain VAMC

Denver health Medical Center

Denver Health Medical Center

UCHealth Building


Additional Information

To learn more about many of the University of Colorado Division of Endocrinology’s outstanding clinical and research programs, please follow the links below:

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Endocrinology Team at CU Anschutz

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