Meet the Fellows


Rebecca RosenbergRebecca Rosenberg, DO
4th Year Fellow

I was born outside of Portland, Oregon but moved to Denver after meeting my now-husband during undergraduate in Washington State. He was born in Colorado and couldn’t wait to come back so we moved here during my fourth year of medical school. We were delighted to match her for IM residency and now fellowship!   I was drawn to Denver initially by my husband’s rave reviews, but having now lived here for 5 years, I have fallen in love with the mountains and the people. The program at UCH is just as lovely and inviting as I found Colorado in general 5 years ago.   

I am so excited to continue my training here and to entrench my roots even deeper into Colorado!

Caitlin BellCaitlin Bell, MD
3rd Year Fellow

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) and then took almost 3 years off before medical school to serve as an Americorps member in Chicago and work in health care research in Washington, DC. I moved back to my home state of Minnesota for medical school at the University of Minnesota and then was lucky enough to match at the University of Colorado for internal medicine residency. As an intern I did an Endocrine elective and immediately knew I wanted to stay here for fellowship. The breadth of learning, diversity of training sites, and incredible mentors were unparalleled to any other fellowship program. I've now lived in Colorado for four years and would not want to live anywhere else! There is something here for everyone, whether you like to be outdoors in the mountains or explore the brewery/restaurant scene in Denver.

Monique MaherMonique Maher, MD
Med/Peds 3rd Year Fellow

I am originally from Bakersfield, California and went to UCLA for undergrad and med school. I was a med/peds resident in Houston, TX at Baylor College of Medicine. I am doing a combined Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship (4 years). I am so happy with my choice to train at the University of Colorado. The program has all the perks of the many other prestigious programs, but in one of the most beautiful parts of the country with nicest people I have ever worked with. It's been the best part of my medical training thus far and I am very grateful to be here.

Eugene Looi

Eugene Looi, MD
2nd Year Fellow

I grew up on the small island of Penang, just off the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. After being homeschooled through high school, I moved to the United States for college and then completed medical school and Internal Medicine residency at Loma Linda University, California. During residency, I discovered my love for endocrinology, its fascinating yet complex feedback loops, and the exciting new treatments for diabetes. I was thrilled when I found out that I had matched at the University of Colorado for fellowship because I knew that I was going to get to work with world-class faculty who are amazing clinicians/researchers in their field and be exposed to a wide breadth of endocrine diseases, including the zebras I thought only existed in textbooks. I am also incredibly grateful to have some of the best co-fellows I could’ve hoped for. In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, learning new ways to improve my matcha lattes, and exploring hiking trails, which Colorado has no shortage of.

Maria Paula Reyes Ramirez

Maria Paula Reyes Ramirez, MD
2nd Year Fellow

I was born and raised in a beautiful  (but probably more fun than beautiful) city of Colombia called Cali. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. I did my training up to med school there and decided to come to the US for residency.Residency in  New Orleans was lovely, made lots of good friends and learned from very sick patients. But it was so very flat! I needed to have nature near me, so I started to look at Colorado for endo fellowship. Later on, I was able to go to the ADA meeting in NOLA and to Endo Society in Atlanta ( I have always been fascinated by the feedback loops and the complexity of the endocrine system). I learned that not only was University of Colorado in Colorado (duuh!) but It had incredibly motivated faculty and fellows who were presenting very interesting research projects at these meetings. I was so excited to match here, and it has been a wonderful experience to see such diverse cases (all the zebras) and to get such excellent training in bread-and-butter diabetes, especially pump and CGM management! Our co-fellows are down to Earth, kind, approachable and friendly humans and I feel so blessed to have them as my community here.

Michaela BarberaMichaela Barbera, MD
2nd Year Fellow

I was born and raised in Colorado. I moved away briefly to attend residency at the University of New Mexico and was ecstatic when I matched at the University of Colorado for Endocrine Fellowship. One of my favorite things about the program is that it is full of experts in so many different areas within the field. All of these people show significant passion for teaching and for helping us to grow our professional lives. Not only is the program something special but so is Colorado. Colorado is full of beautiful places and amazing activates that allow you to  feel fully rejuvenated.  I truly believe it is the perfect place to call home! 
Danielle DawesDanielle Dawes, MD
2nd Year Fellow
I’m a native Coloradan and absolutely love living in Denver! I completed my undergraduate degree at University of Denver and attended medical school at George Washington University SMHS in DC. I returned home for internal medicine residency at University of Colorado and had the opportunity to rotate in the endocrinology department during my training. I chose to stay at University of Colorado for fellowship because of the amazing faculty and learning opportunities with world renowned experts. I also appreciate the variety of hospitals we work at, which gives us the opportunity to work the different patient populations. In my free time I love hiking, cooking, trying new restaurants, traveling, and hanging out with my husband, my golden retriever, and my amazing co-fellows.


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