Current Projects in the Advanced Imaging Lab

Our lab specializes in the hemodynamics of congenital heart disease as measured by 4D flow MRI. Here are some of our ongoing projects


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Image, Data Gathering and Analysis Protocols

  • COMIRB Protocol 19-0518 | Evaluation and Demonstration of 
    Investigational MRI Software and Hardware
  • COMIRB Protocol 19-1420 | Evaluation of flow velocity, 
    blood flow characteristics, and tissue characteristics of the
    cardiovascular system in patients undergoing cardiovascular MRI
  • COMIRB Protocol 19-1492 | MRI-compatible exercise testing 
    in subjects with and without congenital heart disease

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Fetal MRI and Advanced Gating Strategies

  • COMIRB Protocol 18-2154 | Ultrasound Gating for Cardiovascular MRI of Fetal Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Function
  • MRI gating and motion correction techniques for fetal cardiac MRI

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MRI measurement of mechanotransduction forces in the presence of valve disease

Dr. Barker’s NIH R01 (R01HL133504) is investigating whether hemodynamic forces impact aortic aneurysm formation. This multicenter effort includes collaboration with Northwestern University and University of Calgary

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Big data biomedical image analysis and machine learning

Convolutional neural networks are being trained to postprocess and stratify disease based on our large pediatric database of 4D flow and CMR imaging data. Efforts include database design, image annotation, and artificial intelligence algorithm design


MRI Pulse sequence programming of motion control algorithms to minimize artifacts

We are active in the implementation radial k-space trajectories and compressed sensing to shorten exam time and reduce motion artifact for fetal and cardiac imaging

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