Radiology Research Coordination Unit (RRCU)

The Radiology Research Coordination Unit (RRCU) supports Principal investigators initiate and maintain clinical trial success throughout the life of the project.

For a list of current clinical trials being conducted on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, visit the Research Studies website.

Services and Pricing

Index Procedure Visit

An index procedure visit, as part of a research study, is a critical event that requires careful planning and execution. We expect it to be time-consuming and requires significant effort from the research team to execute. This research labor may include activities such as:

  • Pre-study visit prep
  • Order entry and Scheduling
  • Data collection and documentation
  • Monitoring for Adverse Events
$387 / visit

Brief Data-Collection Visits

Apart from index procedure visits, participants may have short follow-up appointments or visits focused solely for data collection purposes. These visits might involve:

  • Administering questionnaires
  • conducting interviews
  • Obtaining specific measurements or samples
  • Consenting
$97 / hour

Regulatory Management

Researchers are required to submit various documents and information to internal committees and regulatory bodies for review and approval. Activities included:

  • Initial and amendment submissions to Central or Local Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Facilitation and communication of protocol-related information among the various internal committees involved in review process.
  • Annual Continuing Reviews
$97 / hour

Post-Award Management

The specified dollar amount is applied per visit, irrespective of visit duration or effort spent on the following responsibilities:

  • Reviewing and approving billing, invoices, and facility fees for each study visit.
  • Reviewing and approving billing and invoices from physician practice for each study visit.
  • Track and maintain financial spreadsheets for the project.
  • Invoicing the sponsor per milestone and follow up on payments.
$207 / visit

Miscellaneous Project Management

Addressing contract amendments, equipment acquisition, monitor visit preparation, new monitor visits, etc.

$97 / hour

Contact Us

We advise on-campus clinical trial teams regarding capabilities and logistical considerations for collaborating with our faculty. If expert consultation services are required, our research coordinators will triage questions to the appropriate Radiology Section Chief.

Our Team

Tricia Luna

Tricia Luna, MS, RN, CCRP

Clinical Trial Manager

Expertise: Clinical Trial Management, Study Coordinator Training, Oncology Nursing, Epic Navigation.


Chitra Pai Kulyadi

Chitra Pai Kulyadi, MS

Expertise: Clinical trial recruitment, data management, analysis and visualization, clinical trial regulation, Research methods

Phone: 720-848-6612


Jacqueline Gomez

Jaqueline Gomez, BS

Expertise: Clinical coordination, Patient/physician communication, CRF completion/data entry, regulatory submissions and maintenance

Phone: 720-848-6618


Elnaz Nour, MD

Elnaz Nour, MD

Expertise: Clinical trial recruitment, coordination, data management, data and statistical analysis, data harmonization and standardization, research methodology, neuroimaging research with focus on Alzheimer's disease


Department of Radiology

CU Anschutz

Leprino Building

12401 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045


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