Ask a Resident

Where do residents live? Can residents afford to buy houses or does everyone rent?
Most residents live in Denver with only a few living right next to the Anschutz campus. It is a pretty even mix between residents who bought a house & those who rent. A few residents bought houses a little further away to be close to the mountains, for example in Boulder & Golden. Even these locations are very manageable in terms of commute given that we have big express buses that come straight to campus (, light rail with a stop at the VA, and free parking at all of our sites.

How would you describe the culture of the program?
Most would say that our culture is defined by teamwork & a ‘work hard & play hard’ mentality. We are all very committed to being supportive, kind, and inclusive. As a group, we’re committed to excellence in the reading room, image guided procedures, and research. We’re able hit our goals because our department is so supportive on all levels. To learn more about what we’ve achieved & what we value most about being here, visit our ‘Meet the Residents’ page.

Do you have to drive a lot between all the different sites?
Nope. We rotate at the University of Colorado hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Rocky Mountain Regional VA Hospital, and Denver Health Hospital. Denver Health is the only hospital NOT located on the Anschutz campus. When you’re at Denver Health, you either have a noon lecture given by an on-site attending radiologist or residents watch the noon lecture remotely while it is given at the University.

Do I have to pay for parking and food?
Free parking is provided at all our sites in covered parking garages near the hospital. Residents have money loaded onto their badges to use for food while on-call. Free food & coffee are also provided each week for our Wednesday morning conference…because if you’re going to have a morning conference nobody should be under-caffeinated or hungry!

I want to stay in Colorado forever. Do I have to move for fellowship?
We love it here, too! For those of you less familiar with living in Colorado, here’s what you're missing. Many of our residents have chosen to stay for fellowship and/or practice here as attending radiologists. Of our current class of 4th years, just under half are staying here for fellowship. To learn more about where our residents go for fellowship, check out our Fellowship Matches. Our residents are also involved in our ACR Chapter, the Colorado Radiological Society (CRS) where they can meet many radiologists practicing in the community. CRS hosts several incredible educational lecturers each year featuring lectures from leaders in the field complete with delicious dinners.

I am an IMG and need Visa for DR residency. I am very much interested in your program, so wanted to know how friendly the program is towards IMGs who are in need of visa?​
Thanks for your question!  Our GME office works with candidates from all over the world, in order to facilitate their training opportunities at the University of Colorado.  Although I cannot promise you that all visas are always sponsored, I can promise you that the GME folks will work really hard to support your needs.​​

What is your call schedule like over all four years?​
We currently have five total night float rotations over the four years (two weeks of nights per rotation).  Weekend call averages about 13 weekend shifts per year, fewest during first and fourth years and most during second and third years.  Residents do not take any call approximately three to four months leading up to boards at the end of third year. We protect this time for studying and our residents have a great track record for passing boards!

How receptive is this program to DO students?​
Our goal is to review all applicants, considering both MD and DO candidates. Currently, we have DO residents, and last year one of our chief residents was a DO. For anyone interested​ in our program, we always encourage doing a rotation with us during your fourth year. Best of luck with the application process.