Abdominal Imaging Fellowship


The Abdominal Imaging Fellowship program at the University of Colorado offers broad range of advanced training to help develop a high level of expertise in abdominal imaging.

We are currently accepting applications for fellowship year 2022-2023. 

The University of Colorado will follow the SCARD timeline for fellowship interviews.

How to Apply

If interested, please fill out the application form​​​​​​ ​​completely and return it to Mary Ball at mary.a.ball@cuanschutz.edu. We would like to receive at least three letters of reference. You will be notified when your application is complete and the date for interview invitations. If not invited for an interview you will be contacted by email and our apologies extended. 

About the Fellowship

The Abdominal Imaging Fellowship provides exposure to high volume of inpatient, outpatient and emergency US, CT and MRI exams. The wide spectrum of imaging includes general abdominal US, OB-GYN US, arterial and venous vascular Doppler, scrotal US, pre and post-transplant (liver, renal and pancreas) imaging, CT and MRI for cancer staging and monitoring. MR imaging are performed on 1.5 T and 3T scanner. MR exams include liver, pancreas, MRCP, renal, adrenal, MRA, appendix, female pelvis, placental anomaly, and 3T prostate MRI.  GI-GU fluoroscopy and intervention procedures (aspiration, biopsy and drainage etc.) are also included in the fellowship training. 

Participation in multidisciplinary conferences (Colo-rectal cancer, second-opinion urology oncology, gynecology-pathology, liver transplant, liver tumor, pancreas, and thyroid-parathyroid) is an integral part of fellowship training. 

Fellows are expected to participate in resident and medical student education. There are opportunities to participate in scholarship projects; fellows work with faculty mentor on a research project with goal of presenting at the national meeting.

  • This one year fellowship program is non-ACGME and does not participate in the National Resident Matching Program.
  •  Each fellow must have a Colorado State Medical License prior to beginning the fellowship.

For additional information about the Abdominal Imaging Fellowship contact:

Nayana Patel, MD, University of Colorado Denver, Director of Abdominal Imaging Fellowship, or

Mary Ball​

Department of Radiology, Academic Division University of Colorado Denver Mail Stop 8200 12631 East 17th Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80045 Fax: (303) 724-6601 Phone: (303) 724-1984