MSA Capstone Presentations

The Capstone Poster Session is the culmination of the MSA program. All graduating medical students matriculating after 2006, including students meeting the MSA requirements through the Research Track or the MSTP program, present their work in a formal poster presentation. 

All School of Medicine Phase IV students (Class of 2024) will present their scholarly works and Phase I students (Class of 2027) will judge presentations to gain experience with research symposiums and scholarly works from peers

Faculty members from across campus volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate the student’s posters and presentations. In addition, the students also evaluate the work of their peers; selecting a 'Student's Choice' poster(s) from each of the 5 MSA thematic areas. 


Date: Monday, April 8
Location: Strauss Health Science Library
(12950 E Montview Blvd, Aurora, CO 80045)

Poster Presenter TitleThematic AreaAbstract
Judge Scoring Form
1Sarah SeiwaldHuman Breast Milk Enhances Cellular Proliferation in Cornea Wound HealingBasic Biomedical 
 Seiwald AbstractSeiwald PosterForm
2Courtney McDonald Mangham
GlobalSurgBox: A Portable Surgical Simulator for Surgical Trainees Worldwide
Global Health
McDonald Mangham AbstractMcDonald Mangham PosterForm
3Lauren BarberaHIV and COVID-19: Review of Clinical Course and OutcomesClinical ScienceBarbera AbstractBarbera PosterForm
4Hannah Kyllo
Adaptive Responses in Uteroplacental Metabolism and Fetoplacental Nutrient Shuttling and Sensing during Placental Insufficiency
Basic Biomedical Science
Kyllo AbstractKyllo PosterForm
5Salman AshrafTherapeutic approaches for UCPPS management: research advances, experimental targets and future directionsClinical ScienceAshraf AbstractAshraf PosterForm
6Thy Nguyen
Analysis of Inflammatory Markers in Response to Induction of Reprometabolic Syndrome by a Eucaloric High Fat Diet in Normal Weight Women.
Basic Biomedical Science
Nguyen AbstractNguyen PosterForm
7Laura MeimariA Critical Analysis of Community Based Substance Use Interventions in Refugee and Immigrant PopulationsGlobal HealthMeimari AbstractMeimari PosterForm
8Anthony Smyth
How Do Rotator Cuff Repair Study Designs Correlate with Revision Rates? A Systematic Review
Clinical Science
Smyth AbstractSmyth PosterForm
9Adriana (Sofi) HallNeurodevelopmental and Mental Health Outcomes in a National Clinical Sample of Youth with Sex Chromosome Trisomies Compared with Matched Controls: A PEDSnet StudyClinical ScienceHall AbstractHall PosterForm
10Sarah Vangi
Utility of the Social Vulnerability Index in Risk Stratification of Critically Ill Neonates with Surgical ConditionsClinical ScienceVangi AbstractVangi PosterForm
11Rachel DembyIncidence of Bone stress Injuries in Division I Collegiate AthletesPublic Health and EpidemiologyDemby AbstractDemby PosterForm
12Jasmine Polkowske
Placental DEPTOR inhibition restores maternal vasodilation in fetal growth restricted mice.
Basic Biomedical Science
Polkowske AbstractJasmine PolkowskeForm
13Melissa SmithEthical Considerations for Clinical Care on Short Term Medical Missions in Low-and Middle-Income Countries:  A Scoping ReviewGlobal HealthSmith AbstractSmith PosterForm
14Jane Song
Advanced Vessel- and Cell-Size MRI to Assess Chemo-Radiation Treatment Response in Pediatric Ependymoma Models
Basic Biomedical Science
Smith PosterSong PosterForm
15Preston LeCompleteness of Common Outcomes from RCTs Clinical ScienceLe AbstractLe PosterForm
Successful Extension of Vascularized Composite Allograft Perfusion Cold Storage to 24 Hours in a Rat Hind Limb Transplant Model
Basic Biomedical Science
Huang AbstractHuang PosterForm
17Nicholas ClelandAltered Metabolism and DAM-signatures in Female Brains and Microglia with AgingBasic Biomedical ScienceCleland AbstractCleland PosterForm
18Jonathan Zakrajsek
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) for Severe Asthma Exacerbations Requiring Mechanical Ventilation 
Clinical Science
Zakrajsek AbstractZakrajsek PosterForm
19Ronald YangTzanck Smear in Dermatologic PracticeClinical ScienceYang AbstractYang PosterForm
20Boston Gubler
Characteristics of Electronic and Paper Questionnaire Users in an Academic Memory ClinicPublic Health and EpidemiologyGubler AbstractGubler PosterForm
21Madison KimConnecting older adults with students through interorofessional telecare (COAST-IT): A program evaluationBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationKim AbstractKim PosterForm
22Andrea Lorenz
Predictive Value of 1-Hour Glucose Elevations during Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing for Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes
Clinical Science
Lorenz AbstractLorenz PosterForm
23Emma LampingAnalysis of Time Between Skin Lesion and Lymph Node Biopsies and Lymph Node Metastasis in Patients With MelanomaClinical ScienceLamping AbstractLamping PosterForm
24Rachel Anderson
Describing postoperative void patterns following cesarean delivery without the use of urinary catheterization
Clinical ScienceAnderson AbstractAnderson PosterForm
25Andrew MariottiOperational outcomes of propofol sedation versus fentanyl, midazolam and diphenhydramine sedation for endoscopies and colonoscopies at an academic medical centerClinical ScienceMariotti AbstractMariotti PosterForm
26Hyun Kim
Impact Of COVID-19 On Adults With Cerebral Palsy Among Cohort Of The Cerebral Palsy Adult Transition Longitudinal Study
Clinical ScienceKim AbstractKim PosterForm
27Jayden PeacockForty-Year Update of the Obstetric Anesthesia Workforce SurveyClinical SciencePeacock AbstractPeacock PosterForm
28Michael Skaggs
Drive-Through Efficiency: How to Prepare for and Execute a Mass-Vaccination Event
Public Health and Epidemiology
Skaggs AbstractSkaggs PosterForm
Critical Incidents in Colorado€™s Opioid Treatment Programs: A Comparison of the COVID-19 Pandemic to Previous YearsPublic Health and EpidemiologyBortz AbstractBortz PosterForm
30Marisa Sobczak
Glycemic Control in Relation to Technology Use in a Single-Center Cohort of Children with Type 1 DiabetesClinical ScienceSobczak AbstractSobczak PosterForm
Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is not sufficient to initiate an inflammatory response in human alveolar epithelial cells in vitroBasic Biomedical ScienceCoit AbstractCoit PosterForm
32Ernie Arnouts
Examination of Diffuse Myocardial Fibrosis in Pediatric and Young Adult Fontan Circulations: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Clinical Science

Arnouts AbstractArnouts PosterForm
33Haya KaliounjiThe consequences of on-going conflict in Syria on quality of life and health, and the role of NGOs.Public Health and EpidemiologyKaliounji_AbstractKaliounji PosterForm
34Reed Campbell
Socioeconomic status and antidiabetic drug prescription in comorbid COPD patients
Public Health and Epidemiology

Campbell AbstractCampbell PosterForm
35Fei DalyHealth Screening for Internationally Adopted Children: A Systematic ReviewGlobal HealthDaly AbstractDaly PosterForm
36Setareh Ekhteraei
RESEED - the perceived impact of an enhanced usual care model of a novel, teacher-led, task-shifting initiative for child mental health
Global Health

Ekhteraei AbstractEkhteraei PosterForm
37Victoria Cates"Circulating CD8+ mucosal-associated invariant T cells correlate with improved treatment responses and overall survival in anti-PD-1-treated melanoma patients.Clinical ScienceCates AbstractCates PosterForm
38Jacob Fang White blood cell nadir to zero following intensive chemotherapy as a predictive factor for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
Clinical Science

Fang AbstractFang PosterForm
39Weston DurlandDiversity Documentary: A Cohort of ResilienceBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationDurland AbstractDurland PosterForm
40Brandon Wolfe
Intramedullary Fixation for Metacarpal Fractures: A Multi-Institutional Prospective Outcomes StudyClinical ScienceWolfe AbstractWolfe PosterForm
41Melody JanModel of Disability Healthcare DisparitiesPublic Health and EpidemiologyJan AbstractJan PosterForm
42Rachael Branscomb
Understanding Pancreatic Development Using a Ferret Model
Basic Biomedical Science

Branscomb AbstractBranscomb PosterForm
43Kaitlyn JohnsonStandardizing Elder Abuse Data Collection: Development of Multi-Institution Database for Hospital-Based Consultation TeamsPublic Health and EpidemiologyJohnson AbstractJohnson PosterForm
44Olivia Starich
Composition of the CD27+ Memory-B-Cell Compartment Delineates Immunoglobulin Deficiency Endotypes
Clinical Science

Starich AbstractStarich PosterForm
45Michael PersingerThe Response of Hinsdale County, Colorado to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Case Study
Public Health and EpidemiologyPersinger AbstractPersinger PosterForm
46Vijay Shimoga
Ultrasound OSCE: Standardized Assessment of Ultrasound Proficiency in Undergraduate Medical Education
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education

Shimoga AbstractShimoga PosterForm
47Amira OtmaneLCME Re-Accredidation: Independent Student Analysis 2024
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationOtmane AbstractOtmane PosterForm
48Jacob Edwards
Progression of Small Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms and Undefined Cysts of the Pancreas: A Systematic Review
Clinical Science

Edwards AbstractEdwards PosterForm
49Sarah EllsworthAvailability and delivery capacity of medical oxygen in emergency care settings in 14 African countries per SARA and SPA reports
Global HealthEllsworth AbstractEllsworth PosterForm
50Courtney Wham
Prehospital ETCO2 is Predictive of Mortality in Intubated and Non-Intubated PatientsClinical ScienceWham AbstractWham PosterForm
Poster Presenter TitleThematic AreaAbstract
Judge Scoring Form
1Megan AguileraRepresentation of Racially Minoritized Patients on Dermatology Private Practice WebsitesPublic Health and EpidemiologyAguilera AbstractAguilera PosterForm
2Lukas Sloan
Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Sleep Quality, and Acute Mountain Sickness in the Setting of Acute High Altitude Exposure: The Colorado High Altitude Monitoring Pressure Study (CHAMPS)
Clinical Science

Sloan AbstractSloan PosterForm
3Gregory Dyba Does 25-OH vitamin D Insufficiency Predispose Young Children to Multiple Fractures from Minimal Trauma? A Preliminary AnalysisClinical ScienceDyba AbstractDyba PosterForm
4Lukas OmmenAssessing Physiologic Measures Using the Empatica E4 Wristband in ICU NursesBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationOmmen AbstractOmmen PosterForm
5Alan MakedonIndocyanine Green Angiography for Use in Robotic Spermatic Cord Denervation
Clinical Science

Makedon AbstractMakedon PosterForm
6Zachary TrottierLewy body dementiaClinical ScienceTrottier AbstractTrottier PosterForm
7Shreyaas AravindanOpen Fixation of Posterior Malleolus Fractures Increases Morbidity: An Important Consideration For Fractures Involving Less than 25% of the Articular SurfaceClinical Science

Aravindan AbstractAravindan PosterForm
8Madison PeltonExploring the Use of Visual Learning Tools in Neonatal Resuscitation Education: A Scoping Review
Global HealthPelton AbstractPelton PosterForm
9Zoe Lee-Chiong

Pelvic Exam Experiences Among Spanish-Speaking-Only Patients

Public Health and Epidemiology

Lee-Chiong AbstractLee-Chiong PosterForm
10Victor TrevisanutFeasibility of Outpatient Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Clinical ScienceTrevisanut AbstractTrevisanut PosterForm
Nuclear Medicine Shunt Study to Assess Shunt Function
Clinical Science

George AbstractGeorge PosterForm
12Whitney KellyMedical Student Perceptions of LGBTQIA Inclusivity in Anesthesiology€‹
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationKelly AbstractKelly PosterForm
13Danielle GilbertA Critical Analysis of Community-Based Substance Use Interventions in Refugee and Immigrant PopulationsGlobal Health

Gilbert AbstractGilbert PosterForm
14Keanu CheeThe role of the piriform cortex in temporal lobe epilepsy: A current literature reviewClinical ScienceChee AbstractChee PosterForm
15Bruck Gezahegn
Complex Interplay of Forkhead BoxP3, Interleukin 22, and Interleukin 17 in Multiple Sclerosis Patients on Disease Modulating Therapy
Clinical Science

Gezahegn AbstractGezahegn PosterForm
16Kisha ThayapranProstacyclin Analog Treprostinil Enhances Neonatal Rat Lung Endothelial Cell Growth And Angiogenesis In VitroBasic Biomedical ScienceThayapran AbstractThayapran PosterForm
17Wyanet Bresnitz
Potassium Channels in the Uterine Vasculature: Role in Healthy and Complicated Pregnancies
Basic Biomedical Science

Bresnitz AbstractBresnitz PosterForm
18Romney HansonThe presence of submucous cleft palate in patients with isolated cleft lip and middle ear dysfunctionClinical ScienceHanson AbstractHanson PosterForm
19Lauren Arguinchona
SARS-CoV-2 Mediates TGF-β Hijacking and Immune Dysregulation Through a Novel Gain of Function Mutation in its NSP15 Protein
Basic Biomedical Science

Arguinchona AbstractArguinchona PosterForm
20Abby ThorneClinical Utility of Repeat Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies Among Children with Acute Hematogenous OsteomyelitisClinical ScienceThorne AbstractThorne PosterForm
21Marie Stewart
Community voices: Documentary education on racial disparities in infant and maternal healthcare
Public Health and Epidemiology

Stewart AbstractStewart PosterForm
22Austin AlmandA Qualitative Investigation of Space Exploration Medical Evacuation Risks
Global HealthAlmand AbstractAlmand PosterForm
Investigating Wellness and Burnout Initiatives for Medical Trainees -- The Gratitude Journal Mobile Application
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education

Mendlen AbstractMendlen PosterForm
24Alexandra VeroskyPatient comprehension of breast pathology report terminology: The need for patient-centered resourcesClinical ScienceVerosky AbstractVerosky PosterForm
25Ashlyn Richie
IMAGINE: A Trial of Messaging Strategies for Social Needs Screening and Referral
Public Health and Epidemiology

Richie AbstractRichie PosterForm
26Rebecca HenkindLeft Out in the Cold: Homicide Amoung Persons Experiencing HomelessnessPublic Health and EpidemiologyHenkind AbstractHenkind PosterForm
27Adom Netsanet
Antenatal Betamethasone Improves Lung Structure and Function, Prevents Pulmonary Hypertension, and Promotes Placental Pro-Angiogenic Signaling in an Animal Model of Chorioamnionitis-Induced Bronchopulmonary DysplasiaBasic Biomedical ScienceNetsanet AbstractNetsanet PosterForm
28Gavin ChiemEffect of Femoral Nerve Stimulation on Patellar Redislocation Rates After Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy in Pediatric PatientsClinical ScienceChiem AbstractChiem PosterForm
29Nicholas Girardi
During Postless Hip Arthroscopy, Male Patients, High Body Mass Index, Low Beighton Scores, and Limited Range of Motion Require High Traction Force
Clinical Science

Girardi AbstractGirardi PosterForm
30Nisha BattaImplementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Colorado from 2020-2022: Firearm Relinquishment and Return and Petitioner characteristicsPublic Health and EpidemiologyBatta AbstractBatta PosterForm
31Vivian Lu
Risk factors and outcomes of delayed presentation of diabetic retinopathy patients to a county hospital
Clinical Science

Lu AbstractLu PosterForm
32Jordan StellernEmotion Regulation Across Psychiatric ConditionsClinical ScienceStellern AbstractStellern PosterForm
33Jeffrey Wong
University of Colorado SOM Diversity Documentary: A Cohort of ResilienceBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education

Wong AbstractWong PosterForm
34Brian CarterMucosal Ulceration in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor is an Independent Predictor of Progression-Free SurvivalClinical ScienceCarter AbstractCarter PosterForm
35Alec McCranieExploration of Patient Retention in Seeking a Second Opinion
Clinical Science

McCranie AbstractMcCranie PosterForm
36Cian O'SullivanIdentifying Factors Underlying Readmission via Retrospective Chart ReviewClinical ScienceO'Sullivan AbstractO'Sullivan PosterForm
37Micah Pascual
Dermatology Access and Needs of American Indian and Alaska Native People
Public Health and Epidemiology

Pascual AbstractPascual PosterForm
38Gabrielle MontalbanoPositive Toxoplasma IgG Serology Is Associated with Increased Overall Mortality - A Propensity Score-Matched AnalysisClinical ScienceMontalbano AbstractMontalbano PosterForm
39Arman Saeedi
Comparison of Handheld Ultrasound Devices used in Carotid and Abdominal Aortic Vascular StudiesClinical ScienceSaeedi AbstractSaeedi PosterForm
40Courtney OlsonThe Impact of Nutrition Classes at Urban Peak on the Nutritional Status and Dietary Patterns of Unhoused YouthBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationOlson AbstractOlson PosterForm
41William Herold
Adolescent Trust in Sex Education
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education

Herold AbstractHerold PosterForm
42Nikita DengRe-examining the Pre-medical Years as an Integral Part of Professional Identity Formation: A Narrative Literature ReviewBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationDeng AbstractDeng PosterForm
43Michaele Francesco Corbisiero
Medicaid coverage and access to obstetrics and gynecology subspecialists: findings from a national mystery caller study in the United States
Public Health and Epidemiology

Corbisiero AbstractCorbisiero PosterForm
44Nicole RussellHow Do Colorado Public Libraries Respond to Patron Queries About Opioid Use Disorder? A Secret Shopper Study.Public Health and EpidemiologyRussell AbstractRussell PosterForm
45Laveen Khoshnaw
"Iraqi Migrant Mental Health Needs, Perceptions, and Experiences: A Qualitative AnalysisPublic Health and Epidemiology

Khoshnaw AbstractKhoshnaw PosterForm
46Christopher LeDiagnostic yield of workups ordered by pediatric ophthalmologists for bilateral pediatric cataracts at a tertiary pediatric hospital in the United StatesClinical ScienceLe AbstractLe PosterForm
47Ahmed Alsafar
Targeted Approach to Improve Diversity in Phase I Oncology Clinical Trials: A Single Institution Experience at the University of Colorado Cancer Center
Clinical Science

Alsafar AbstractAlsafar PosterForm
48Nazar AkhverdyanChanges in Transient Elastography with Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist Use in Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver DiseaseClinical ScienceAkhverdyan AbstractAkhverdyan PosterForm
49Paige Romer
Learning How to Learn Medicine: A Student-Led Initiative to Foster Active Learning Strategy Adoption
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationRomer AbstractRomer PosterForm
50Maya KatzCaring for Homebound Veterans during COVID-19 in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Foster Home ProgramClinical ScienceKatz AbstractKatz PosterForm



1Vivian Rajeswaren
Healthcare Resource Utilization and Costs in an At-Risk Population with Diabetic RetinopathyPublic Health and Epidemiology

Rajeswaren AbstractRajeswaren PosterForm
2Brittni DriscollSurgeon Perceptions of the Integration of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures into Clinical PracticeClinical ScienceDriscoll AbstractDriscoll PosterForm
3Folake Adegboye
Barriers to Mental Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations: Lessons Learned from Online Public Testimonies and Implications for Medical Education
Public Health and Epidemiology

Adegboye AbstractAdegboye PosterForm
4David Duarte-CoradoImpact Of Culturally Competent Care In Post-transplant Clinical Outcomes Among Hispanic Kidney Transplant RecipientsPublic Health and EpidemiologyDuarte-Corado AbstractDuarte-Corado PosterForm
5Moriah Mabry
New Frontier: The First Year of an Adult Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Clinic
Clinical Science

Mabry AbstractMabry PosterForm
6Gary ShahinyanTechnical Aspects of Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Fistula Repair: Case Report and Retrospective Cohort AnalysisClinical ScienceShahinyanShahinyan PosterForm
7Christina CheungParent and provider perspectives on family navigation for early identification of children with autism spectrum disorderBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationCheung AbstractCheung PosterForm
8Mary Participant Diversity in Stroke-Related Medical Device Trials: Historical Context and Ongoing ChallengesBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationFuhlbrigge AbstractFuhlbrigge PosterForm
9Benjamin SchenkelCorrelations of Opioid Intake During Different Predischarge Time Frames with Postdischarge Opioid Use Following Inpatient SurgeryClinical ScienceSchenkel AbstractSchenkel PosterForm
10Camila VargasDo adult patients with congenital colorectal conditions know their diagnosis?Public Health and EpidemiologyVargas AbstractVargas PosterForm
11Khashayar Rishsefid MahallehIraqi Migrant Mental Health Needs, Perceptions, and Experiences:

A Qualitative Analysis
Public Health and EpidemiologyRishsefid Mahalleh AbstractRishsefid Mahalleh PosterForm
12Kaden ParksThe Hidden Cost of Chronic Pain: A Narrative Review of the Environmental Impact of Outpatient Spine and Musculoskeletal CareClinical ScienceParks AbstractParks PosterForm
13Salina GoffTesting of Multiple Autoantibodies Identifies Expansion of Targeted Antigens and a Method to Identify Imminent Onset of Clinical Rheumatoid ArthritisClinical ScienceGoff AbstractGoff PosterForm
14Hashem AnabtawiSeroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in a Guatemalan Agricultural cohort and Virus-Specific Antibody KineticsBasic Biomedical ScienceAnabtawi AbstractAnabtawi PosterForm
15George BurnetMuffins and Meditation: Combatting Burnout in Surgical ResidentsBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education
Burnet AbstractBurnet PosterForm
16Ahana GhoshA narrative review of rural access to vascular carePublic Health and Epidemiology
Ghosh AbstractGhosh PosterForm
17Medha GudavalliColorado Physicians€™ Preparedness, Attitudes, and Practices for Management of Intimate Partner ViolencePublic Health and EpidemiologyGudavalli AbstractGudavalli PosterForm
18Lily KongSecondary Placement of Adjustable Continence Therapy (ProACT„¢) Using Open Perineal Technique: Case Report of ProACT Placement in a Man with a Devastated Urethra Following Pelvic Trauma and Multiple AUS ErosionsClinical ScienceKong AbstractKong PosterForm
19Sterling LeeOpioid Prescribing Practices for At-Risk Pediatric Populations Undergoing Ambulatory SurgeryClinical ScienceLee AbstractLee PosterForm
20Lorena Ramirez-RenteriaAssessing Literature of Efforts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Within Cardiothoracic Surgery Training ProgramsBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education
Ramirez-Renteria AbstractRamirez-Renteria PosterForm
21John SchutzEstablishing the Role of Inflammatory Markers in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Hand Infections in the Pediatric PopulationClinical ScienceSchutz AbstractSchutz PosterForm
22Robert SumnerSystem Interventions to Increase MDPOA Documentation at University of Colorado HospitalClinical ScienceSumner AbstractSumner PosterForm
23Heami YiEmergency contraception in a historic southern city: mystery caller study in Birmingham, AlabamaPublic Health and EpidemiologyYi AbstractYi PosterForm
24Alla YousifAssessing Barriers Among HIV, Substance Use Disorder, and Trans Patients During the COVID-19 PandemicPublic Health and Epidemiology
Yousif AbstractYousif PosterForm
25Carson PlatnickAdipose Insulin Resistance Relates to Perturbed Renal Hemodynamics in Obese Youth with and without Type 2 Diabetes €‹Clinical SciencePlatnick AbstractPlatnick PosterForm
26Sarah GrooverDevelopment and Distribution of a Know Your Rights Car StickerPublic Health and EpidemiologyGroover AbstractGroover PosterForm
27Avalon SwensonThe Role of Religious Leaders in Public Health: Historically Informed Approaches to Promoting Novel Vaccinations and the Equitable Provision of CareBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationSwenson AbstractSwenson PosterForm
28Sarah NofalA Retrospective Analysis Investigating Racial Bias in Police Encounters at a Medical Research UniversityPublic Health and Epidemiology
Nofal AbstractNofal Poster
29Rita MolemJust-in-Time Simulation-Based Mastery-Learning for Internal Medicine Residents in Primary Care ProceduresClinical ScienceMolem AbstractMolem PosterForm
30Cheril PatelImproving Discharge Coordination for Abscess Drain PatientsClinical SciencePatel AbstractPatel PosterForm
31Ellie RhodesInpatient Management of Infectious Keratitis at Denver Health Medical CenterPublic Health and EpidemiologyRhodes AbstractRhodes PosterForm
32Yaswanth ChintaluruTitle: Combination of glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) gene therapy and deep brain stimulation (DBS) into the subthalamic nucleus (STN) in Parkinson’s disease (PD)Clinical ScienceChintaluru AbstractChintaluru PosterForm
33Benjamin WhartonThe Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk on Post-Operative Recovery Following Rotator Cuff RepairClinical ScienceWharton AbstractWharton PosterForm
34Kevin Kamel
Surveying Student Health Professionals to Assess Source of Information Utilization early
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education
Kamel AbstractKamel PosterForm
35Sydney TylerMixed Methods Evaluation of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Immigrant FamiliesPublic Health and EpidemiologyTyler AbstractTyler PosterForm
36Lisa Viltz
Investigating the Role of ApoE in Alzheimer's DiseaseBasic Biomedical Science
Viltz AbstractViltz PosterForm
37Natasha GaramaniExposure of Medical Students to Topics of Interpersonal Violence in Medical Education: A Scarcity of TrainingBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationGaramani AbstractGaramani PosterForm
38Sameer Andani

Proof of Concept Clinical Decision Support Tool for Chronic Rhinosinusitis Assists Providers in Guiding Patients Considering Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Clinical Science
Andani AbstractAndani PosterForm
39Carly SetterbergDevelopment of H5P Interactive Learning Modules for Medical Education and the Comparison of Student Perception, Satisfaction, and PerformanceBioethics, Humanities, Arts, and EducationSetterberg AbstractSetterberg PosterForm
40Lilia Maeda
The Efficacy of Pre-lab Assignments in First Year Medical Student Gross Anatomy
Bioethics, Humanities, Arts, and Education
Maeda AbstractMaeda PosterForm
41Daniel BollingerStray Energy Injury During Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair: A Randomized Clinical TrialClinical ScienceBollinger AbstractBollinger PosterForm
42Katie Martin
Prospective Validation of the Venous Excess Ultrasound (VExUS) Score
Clinical Science
Martin AbstractMartin PosterForm
43Jonathan RepineHyperglycemia in Critically Ill PatientsBasic Biomedical ScienceRepine AbstractRepine PosterForm
44John Precoda
Pain Reprocessing Therapy: A Literature ReviewClinical Science
Precoda AbstractPrecoda PosterForm
45Rose CastleSleeve Gastrectomy for Liver Transplant Candidates with Obesity and Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Clinical ScienceCastle AbstractCastle PosterForm
46Margo WohlfeilThe Role of CDK12 in Pediatric Medulloblastoma Basic Biomedical ScienceWohlfeil AbstractWohlfeil PosterForm

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