The cyclotron/radiochemistry core can help in developing new radiopharmaceuticals using conventional PET (11C & 18F), or non-conventional PET (64Cu, 89Zr, 124I), SPECT (99mTc, 111In, 123I) and therapeutic (90Y, 131I, 177Lu) isotopes.
The core director has successfully developed a number of imaging and therapeutic agents as well as translating them into the clinic.
Specialized Facilities/Equipment

cGMP and GLP compliant synthesis facilities
Licensed for radioactive laboratory work
Cell harvester – receptor binding studies
Radio HPLC – metabolite analysis

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C-TRIC currently has a RDS-Eclipse cyclotron capable of producing C-11, N-13 and F-18 isotopes

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We have 2 GE FX-C Pro and 2 GE FxFN chemistry modules to create radiotracers for your studies.