David Pfau, M.D.


Pfau, David - colorHometown

Marietta, GA


College: BS Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Internship: Cleveland Clinic

Professional Interests

Body and musculoskeletal imaging


Woodworking, snowboarding, music, backpacking and hiking

What are your favorite things to do in the Denver Area?

As a newcomer to Denver and Colorado, I love exploring all of the hiking and food options in the area with my wife Krista.

What is the most rewarding thing about Radiology residency? 

Since visiting this program for the first time, I could tell there was a great sense of resident cohesiveness and comradery. This combined with the diverse training opportunities amongst the different hospitals in the Denver area make for a great training environment that I am excited to be a part of.

Oral Presentations

Pfau D, Tippareddy C, Salomon E, Datta S. “OSPRI: Color your water clean” USPTO Collegiate Inventors Competition Judging & Expo; Alexandria, VA (2018).

Poster Presentations

Pfau D, Smith DA, Beck R, Ramaiya NH. “Anterior mediastinal lymphomas: an approach for radiologists” Radiological Society of North America; Chicaco, IL (2019).

Pfau D, Honda K, Rezaee R, Zender C. “Sentinel lymph node biopsy in pediatric and young adult head and neck atypical melanocytic neoplasms” American Head and Neck Society; San Diego, CA (2017).

Pfau D, Ghosh S, Weinberg A. “Site-specific variations of B-defensin-2 and -3 in oral mucosa” International Association for Dental Research; San Francisco, CA (2017).

Datta S, Sinha A, Pfau D. “OSPRI: A Reusable Solar Water Disinfection Sensor to Prevent Waterborne Illnesses” Clinton Global Initiative University; Boston, MA (2017).


Pfau D, Guler E, Smith DA, Matsunaga F, Kikano EG, Tirumani SH, Dowlati A, Ramaiya NH. “Imaging features of gastrointestinal toxicity in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with erlotinib: A single institute 13-year experience.” Clinical Imaging (2020).

Shieh AC, Guler E, Pfau D, Radzinsky E, Smith DA, Hoimes C, Ramaiya NH, Tirumani SH. “Imaging and clinical manifestations of immune checkpoint inhibitor-related colitis in cancer patients treated with monotherapy or combination therapy.” Abdominal Radiology (2020).

Smith DA, Pfau D, Tirumani SH, Alessandrino F, Sadri N, Ramaiya NH. “Decoding the Genomic Report for Radiologists.” American Journal of Roentgenology (2020).

Pfau D, Smith DA, Beck R, Gilani KA, Gupta A, Caimi P, Ramaiya NH. “Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma: A Review for Radiologists.” American Journal of Roentgenology (2019).

Pfau D, Tamaki A, Hoppe KR, Honda K, Rezaee R, Zender CA. “Sentinel Node Biopsy in Young Patients with Atypical Melanocytic Tumors of the Head and Neck.” Oto Open (2019).

Olingy CE, San Emeterio CL, Ogle ME, Krieger JR, Bruce AC, Pfau DD, Jordan BT, Peirce SM, Botchwey EA. “Non-classical monocytes are biased progenitors of wound healing macrophages during soft tissue injury.” Sci Rep (2017); 7:447.

Department of Radiology

CU Anschutz

Leprino Building

12401 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045


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