Hardik (Kumar) Patel, M.D.



Boulder, CO


College: Neuroscience, University of Colorado Boulder

Graduate School: MPH, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Internship: Internal Medicine, Saint Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO

Professional Interests

Nuclear Medicine, University of Colorado (16-month pathway)

Hardik Patel, MD


Volleyball, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, DJ-ing

My Favorite Things to Do in the Denver Area

Volleyball, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Breweries

Honors and Awards

  • 2021, MD/MPH Radiology Award, University of Miami
  • 2020, Medical Education and Student Outreach Award, American College of Radiology
  • 2020, COVID-19 Student Action Plan Finalist, The Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative University
  • 2019, 1st Place Medical Student Poster Competition, American College of Physicians, FL Chapter
  • 2018, Arnold P. Gold Foundation Service Fellowship, Arnold P. Gold Foundation
  • 2018, Tylenol Future Care Scholar, Johnson & Johnson
  • 2018, Population Health Scholar Award, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Miami

Professional Organizations, Boards, and Advisory Committees

  • 2022, Professional Development and Wellness Committee, Dept. of Radiology, University of Colorado
  • 2020, Radiological Society of North America
  • 2020, American College of Radiology
  • 2020, Association of University Radiologists
  • 2020, American Roentgen Ray Society
  • 2020, Society of Interventional Radiology
  • 2017, American Physician Scientist Association
  • 2017, American College of Physicians
  • 2017, American Medical Association
  • 2015, Nu Rho Psi National Honor Society in Neuroscience


PATEL HP, Bartholomew T, Cahn BA, Borda LJ, Tookes HE, & Lev-Tov HA. Epidemiological Trends among People Who Inject Drugs with Wounds: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Needle Exchange Clinic. Eastern Student Research Forum, Miami, FL. February 2020

Onugha JK, PATEL HP, Levine H, Perlin A, Reynolds A, & Mechaber H. Near Peer-led Academic Services (NPAS) to increase engagement, foster inclusive learning environment, and promote student wellness in medical education. AAMC Southern Group on Educational Affairs Meeting. Orlando, FL. March 2019.

PATEL HP, Caraballo C, Tookes HE, & Caban-Martinez AJ. A novel approach to treating mental health in the homeless population of Miami Beach while reducing fiscal burden on public jails and hospitals. Eastern Student Research Forum. Miami, FL. February 2019.

Bornstein KJ, Coye AE, PATEL HP, Bartholomew T, St. Onge JA, & Tookes HE. A cost analysis of hospitalizations for infectious sequela of injection drug use at county safety net hospital in Miami, FL following establishment of syringe exchange program. Eastern Student Research Forum. Miami, FL. February 2019.

Caraballo C, PATEL HP, Guajardo M, & Berrian J, Liamoca Y. TEAM-UP for people facing homelessness. Corporation for Supportive Housing Summit. Los Angeles, CA. June 2018.

Onugha JK, PATEL HP, Bullock C, Maldonado-Puebla M, Jarret T, & Tookes HE. Incremental implementation and preparing to adapt: students' perspectives on designing and starting a new student-run wound care clinic. Community Health Leadership Conference. Miami, FL. December 2017.


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Cahn BA, Bartholomew TS, PATEL HP, Pastar I, Tookes HE, & Lev-Tov H. Correlates of injection?related wounds and skin infections amongst persons who inject drugs and use a syringe service program: A single-center study. International Wound Journal. October 2021.

Bartholomew TS, Feaster DJ, PATEL HP, Forrest DW, & Tookes HE. Reduction in injection risk behaviors after implementation of a syringe services program, Miami, Florida. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. March 2021.

Kwilasz AJ, Green Fulgham SM, Duran-Malle JC, Schrama A, Mitten E, Todd L, PATEL HP, Larson T, Clements M, Harris K, Litwiler S, Maier S, Chavez R, Rice K, & Van Dam A. Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 antagonism for the treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE) induced central neuropathic pain. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. December 2020.

Bartholomew TS, Onugha J, Bullock C, Scaramutti C, PATEL HP, Forrest DW, Feaster DJ, & Tookes HE. Baseline Prevalence and Correlates of HIV/HCV Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs Accessing a Syringe Services Program; Miami, FL. Harm Reduction Journal. June 2020.

Kwilasz AJ, Green Fulgham SM, Ellis A, PATEL HP, Duran-Malle JC, Favret J, Harvey LO Jr, Rieger J, Maier SF, & Watkins LR. A single peri-sciatic nerve administration of the adenosine 2A receptor agonist, ATL313, produces long-lasting anti-allodynia and anti-inflammatory processes in male rats. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. November 2018.

Department of Radiology

CU Anschutz

Leprino Building

12401 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045


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