Design work is wrapping up on another new building for the Anschutz Medical Campus—the Health and Wellness Center.

James Hill, PhDthe driving force behind the center, was named its executive director.

"It’s a dream come true," Hill said at the September groundbreaking for the project.

The 95,000-square-foot center, at the corner of East Montview Boulevard and North Quentin Street, is scheduled to open spring 2012 and is being funded by The Anschutz Foundation and CU.

The facility will link research with clinical programs and the community, and provide a fitness center on campus. A restaurant that serves healthy food is also planned.

There will be a comprehensive weight loss clinic and prevention programs for diabetes and cardiovascular health. Even the design is supposed to promote health: "The idea is, just by being at the center, your stress levels will start to decrease before you even engage in any activities," says Jim Ellis, director of operations for the center.

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