Med School Adopts Faculty Professionalism System

The School of Medicine has approved a confidential online system through which students can report examples of exemplary professionalism and instances of possible unprofessional behavior by faculty and residents.

A Faculty Professionalism Task Force, including teachers and students, recommended taking this step to respond to reports of disrespectful behavior toward students in clinical and classroom settings.

Two other reasons for creating the system are to fulfill a key recommendation of the 2004 SOM report, "Enhancing Professionalism," and to satisfy a new professionalism mandate by the Liaison Council on Medical Education, which stresses the "mutual obligations" that faculty and medical students have to encourage professionalism and ensure accountability.

The Faculty Senate approved and will oversee a group that will develop policies and procedures for investigating reports of unprofessional behavior, while protecting the rights and confidentiality of both students and faculty.

Read the full report and recommendations >>


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