CU Doctors Rescue a 2-year-old Boy

Child's Heart Stopped for Almost an Hour

(May 2, 2011) Neurologist Tim Bernard, MD, was involved in the remarkable recovery of Gore Otteson, a boy who was found seemingly lifeless last fall. The 2-year-old’s heart apparently stopped for about an hour while the family was vacationing in Gunnison, Colo. The toddler wandered off and, after a frantic search, was found in a ditch. His mother later told reporters her son was "lifeless, cold, wet … he looked dead." Once his heart began beating, Gore was flown to The Children’s Hospital. There, doctors lowered his body temperature and then slowly warmed him up using an approach that is in clinical trials. Bernard, an assistant professor of pediatrics and child neurology, feared Gore suffered brain damage. But Gore came out of treatment just fine; an MRI found no brain damage. "If you believe in miracles," Bernard says, "this one would count as such."

 See a video on Gore Otteson's recovery.


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