Medical School Attracts Visitors at AAMC Annual Meeting

CU Medicine Today

(May 2012) At the 2011 Association of American Medical Colleges annual meeting, held Nov. 4–9 in Denver, many School of Medicine faculty members participated in presentations, and the school offered tours of the Anschutz Medical Campus. Visitors arrived by bus at the campus in Aurora, where they were treated to breakfast and then whisked away to see the campus sights.

One stop was at the Center for Advancing Professional Excellence, or CAPE, where then-director Gwyn Barley explained the high-tech system by which students are monitored as they treat mannequins and “standardized” patients. Future doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are trained at CAPE.

AAMC guests also saw the Visible Human, where amazing 3D photography illustrates the body in a unique way, and visited the restored hospital room where, in 1955, former President Dwight Eisenhower was treated for a heart attack.

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