D2V Scientific Cores

(May 2017) Data Science to Patient Value (D2V) consists of six cores which accelerate rigorous cutting-edge data science methods and applications to address pressing health problems, advance the science of person-centered high value health care across the care continuum by integrating different stakeholder perspectives including the UCHealth System as a learning and innovations partner.

The six cores and their missions are:

Patient & Systems Value Core- To focus on the science of value from multiple perspectives across the macro health care system.

Data & Informatics Core- To create and sustain investigators’ access to high-value data assets that are discoverable, accessible, and reliable to facilitate research in data sciences and discovery by providing ‘bleeding edge’ informatics expertise and tools.

Analytics Core- To be a multidisciplinary, collaborative analytic and computational research environment that catalyzes research resulting in innovative applications of complex analytic approaches, and development of novel analytic and computational approaches, methods, and tools.

Stakeholder Engagement & Governance Core- To become the most trusted resource on how best to engage diverse stakeholders in the work of research, implementation and dissemination in health care.

Training & Education Core- To train and mentor the next generation of scientists who can advance and integrate the methods of person-centered, high-value data science and health systems innovation.

Dissemination & Academic Industry Collaboration Core- To disseminate and showcase the work of D2V investigators and increase potential collaborative opportunities with external stakeholders that ultimately lead to increased scientific impact and sustainability of D2V. 

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