Pulmonary Malignancy Program

The overlap between pathogenesis of chronic obstructive lung disease and lung cancer, most specifically the common role of dysfunctional epithelial progenitor cell mediated repair processes and the microenvironment, is an area of particular interest.  We are also involved in developing preclinical lung cancer models in in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo settings. 

Pulmonary Malignancy Program

Division members participate in multi-institutional efforts including the Pre-Cancer Genome Atlas, an NCI funded chemoprevention consortium and DECAMP, as well as individual research grants from NCI, the VA and foundations.  We continue to carry out both single and multi-center chemo and immune prevention clinical trials to perform associated basic, translation, and clinical research using cutting-edge genomic and proteomic analysis.  Our current nivolumab trial is the first immune prevention trial in the US.

 We welcome you join us in our goal of helping patients with lung cancer.


Researchers and Teams

Kern, Jeffrey, MD 

Musani, Ali, MD

Miller, York, MD

New, Melissa‚Äč, MD

Tennis, Meredith, PhD 

Evans, Christopher, PhD

Moumita Ghosh, PhD

Robert L Keith, MD

Nina Thomas, MD


Pulmonary Sciences (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Research Complex II

12700 East 19th Avenue


Aurora, CO 80045


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