In patients with established asthma, obesity and weight gain have been associated with increased asthma severity. The National Asthma Survey showed that compared to lean asthmatic subjects, obese asthmatic subjects are more likely to report continuous respiratory symptoms, experience a higher rate of nocturnal respiratory symptoms and suffer asthma exacerbations that required emergency room evaluation or hospitalization within the last 12 months. Even small weight increments can worsen asthma—severe asthmatic subjects who gained 5 pounds in a 12-month period reported worse asthma control and asthma-related quality of life, as well as a greater number of steroid bursts than patients who either maintained or lost weight. Weight loss induced by diet or surgery has shown to improve asthma control and lung function and reduce morbidity. Together, these data convincingly demonstrate that there is a causative association between excess body weight and increased asthma morbidity.

Our research focuses on helping these patients find medicines, medication supplements, and lifestyle changes that work for them to better manage their asthma.

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