Dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Health System

PSCCM DEI Committee Mission Statement

Health care systems are structurally biased against marginalized groups, whose members receive consistently inferior care and fewer opportunities compared with those in the majority. The Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine strives to create a more equitable hospital and academic environment that is inclusive and reflective of our society and addresses structural and inherent biases. We are creating a safe space for our colleagues, our patients and trainees, and empowering diversity with kindness, empathy and openness.


Committee Members

Dr. Matt Griffith

Matt Griffith, MD



Dr. Tristan Huie

Tristan Huie, MD

PCCM Fellowship Director


Dr. Claudia Mickael

Claudia Mickael, MD

Assistant Research Professor


Dr. Melissa New

Melissa New, MD

Assistant Program Director


Marjorie Patricia George

Marjorie Patricia George, MD



Dr. Sonia Flores

Sonia Flores, PhD

DOM Vice-Chair of Diversity


Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Cousar

Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, MD



Dr. Marc Moss

Marc Moss, MD

Division Head


Cheryl Loudd

Cheryl Loudd

Business Services Program Manager


Dr. Sunita Sharma

Sunita Sharma, MD

Associate Professor


 NameTitle Email 
Matt Griffith,
Marjorie Patricia George,
Marc Moss, MDDivision
Tristan Huie, MDPCCM Fellowship
Sonia Flores, PhDDOM Vice-Chair of Diversity and
Cheryl LouddBusiness Services Program
Claudia Mickael, PhDAssistant Research
Jennifer Taylor-Cousar,
Sunita Sharma, MDAssociate
Melissa New, MDAssistant Program
Anuj Mehta, MDAssistant
Jake AtkinsAdministrative


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