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Tristan J. Huie, MD

Fellowship Director

Welcome to the University of Colorado PCCM Fellowship Training Program.  Our mission is to train tomorrow’s leaders in pulmonary and critical care medicine. We define this broadly as leaders in science, education and administration.  Two elements set our program apart from other top tier programs:

  • Individualized career planning: we have the largest PCCM division in the country, and we have the resources to craft a career plan unique to each trainee.  We encourage paired mentoring teams for each fellow.
  • Rigorous clinical training in the full spectrum of pulmonary and critical care medicine: ours is a hands-on fellowship with training in airway management, advanced bronchoscopy and pleural procedures.  We have internationally-recognized expertise in every subspecialty of pulmonary and critical medicine across the four training sites in the Denver metropolitan area. 

Ours is primarily a research-intensive fellowship with the mentoring resources and infrastructure to help fellows meet their goals.  Fellows generally pursue a research-focused fourth year prior to a faculty appointment. We recognize that career mentoring and support must extend into the junior faculty years to be most effective.

We created a medical education track for fellows to develop expertise in med ed scholarship.  This track provides similar protected time as our other research-focused fellows, and it includes training in med ed scholarship, teaching skills, and sub-subspecialty expertise. New since 2020, we are recruiting to this track via a separate ERAS match number.

We recognize fostering diversity within our fellowship and the division is key to our mission. We have implemented steps including holistic review to support this goal.  I encourage candidates from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.  

Most importantly, we have a community of learners, fellows and faculty alike, who are committed to each other and the pursuit of a shared mission. 

Associate Program Directors



Anna Neumeier, MD

APD for Education

Trevor Steinbach, MD

APD for Clinic

Kara Mould, PhD headshot

Kara Mould, MD, MPH

APD for Research

Melissa New, MD

APD for Feedback & Evaluation

Program Coordinator


Kelly Rico

Fellowship & Education Coordinator



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