Translational Core

The central focus of the TC is to synergize existing biorepositories through the CLB and the Pulmonary Division (Asthma, COPD, ILD, Critical Care, Vascular, etc). The objective of this Biorepository is to develop a secure platform to track and store samples and to build an integrative database to allow researchers to use data/samples across pulmonary disease processes and healthy controls, enhancing our capabilities to develop genetic and “omics” analysis.

The Pulmonary Biorepository clinical data will be maintained in a secure, permission-restricted database. Banked biological specimens will be made available to researchers whose protocols have been approved by the IRB. Applications for the use of biological specimens and clinical data will be reviewed by the PTraC Committee members. Once approved, the specimens and clinical information will be distributed to researchers with no identifying subject information attached. It is also requested that laboratory results from samples obtained from the TC Pulmonary Biorepository be returned for entry into the TC database for use by other researchers so that assays will not be done in duplicate by other researchers.

Types of services provided by the TC include:

  • Research infrastructure – informatics development
  • Creating and managing HIPAA compliant databases
  • Implementing software and web-based applications (RedCap)
  • Assisting with the selection and use of data analysis tools
  • Providing well-controlled, high-quality human biological specimens and relevant de-identified clinical data​


Please contact Jake Atkins at if you need further assistance.​​

Pulmonary Sciences (SOM)

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