Voice & Airway

Department of Otolaryngology

The laryngology program provides a full range of voice and airway services and offers the latest advances in voice and airway research. We provide medical and surgical voice specialty care, including care of the professional voice, hoarseness, cough, vocal cord paralysis, early laryngeal cancers, speech, vocal cord dysfunction (VCD)/paradoxical vocal fold motion, subglottic and tracheal stenosis, swallowing disorders, treatment for spasmodic dysphonia and other movement voice disorders. Care is provided in coordination with our certified voice therapist. Our voice trained speech language pathologist has special expertise and training in the treatment of injured speaking and singing voices.


Mona A. Abaza MD, MS 
Matthew S. Clary MD
Daniel S. Fink, MD
Marie Jetté, PhD, CC-SLP
Juliana Litts, MA, CCC-SLP

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