Otolaryngology T32 Seminar Dates 2023 - 2024



*Please email Vicki Muscatello for Zoom access to all T32 seminars*

Pediatric Block
September 21  --  Yuri Agrawal, MD, Dept. Chair, CU Anschutz OHNS
    Title: Vestibular Loss and Cognition in Aging Adults
September 28  -- Vinay Swarnalatha Nagara, Visiting Professor from Norwegian University of  Science & Technology
    Title:  Psychoacoustics of cochlear dead regions and hidden hearing disorders
Facial Trauma Block
October 19  --  Shi-Long Lu, CU Anschutz Otolaryngology  (host:  Sarah Clark)
    Title:  Basic Science and Translational Research on Head & Neck Cancer


Facial Plastic Block
October 26  --  Tara Nordgren, CSU.  (host:  Sarah Clark)
    Title:  Dust and Diet: Environmental Factors Impacting Lung Health
November 9 --  Laylaa Ramos (resident update)

Sleep Block
November 30  --  Timothy Benke, MD/PhD, UCD Pediatrics/Pharmacology (host:  Katie Rennie)
    Title:  Clinical Trial Infrastructure at CHCO Neuroscience Institute
Title:  Clinical Trial Infrastructure at CHCO Neuroscience Institute
January 18  --  Antonio Jimeno, MD/PhD.  Director Head and Neck Cancer Program, CU Anschutz
    Title: Understanding the HNSCC and T cell interaction: getting the T cell to do its job
Ski Meeting   - February 1 
Head & Neck Block
February 8  --  Jean-Luc Puel, PhD. University of Montpellier
    Title: Sound coding in the auditory nerve: from animal research to human
General Block
March 14  -- Peter Santa Maria, MD/ PhD, Otology and Neurotology, Director of SPARK, OHNS Stanford University
Rhinology Block
March 28  --  Brad Goldstein, MD/PhD, Rhinology, OHNS Duke University
April 4  --  Lora Bankova, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University, Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Laryngology Block
April 18  --   Justin Yu, Sophia Corbo (T32 trainee updates)  
May 2 -- Alexander Hillel, MD, Laryngology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
General Block
May 30  --  Sara Stoner, Steven Shaw (T32 trainee updates)
June 6  --  Emily Bacalo, Jacob Boyd (Resident updates)
June 14  --  Research Day
    Graduation speaker, Dr. David Brown, Pediatric Otolaryngology, University of Michigan
June 20 --  Kayla Cormier, Matt Hill (T32 trainee updates)