Justin Yu, MD

PGY2 - T32 Trainee

Hometown: Bartlesville, OK

Professional Interests: Head and neck cancer, otology, general ENT

Hobbies: I enjoy travelling, hiking (across beautiful Colorado!), skiing, fantasy football, game of thrones, and spending time with my wife.

What are your favorite things to do in Denver area: Outside of taking advantage of the countless outdoor activities, I enjoy checking out the live music scene, taking relaxing walks in many of the city’s parks, and trying out the multitude of restaurants (I am always on the hunt for good Asian cuisine)

Biggest strengths of the program: We have a well-rounded experience in all subspecialties of ENT with a diverse range of faculty members who all enjoy teaching. We cover four different hospitals (tertiary referral center, county, VA, and peds) that represent the vast majority of how healthcare is delivered. We are also a tight-knit group of residents who all enjoy spending time together and support each other!

Justin Yu - Profile

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