Nicole Wershoven, MD


Hometown: Whitingham, VT

Professional Interests: I am undecided currently and excited to explore all the subspecialities Otolaryngology has to offer. I am passionate about medical student mentorship and education.

Hobbies: Coming from Vermont I enjoy lots of similar hobbies that Colorado has to offer such as hiking, XC skiing, skiing, and running. I also enjoy hot yoga, interior design, baking, and hanging out with my dog Beasley.

What are your favorite things to do in the Denver area? Going into the mountains to hike and explore the numerous mountain towns, trying new breweries and wineries, finding the best taco food truck, and hanging out with my co-residents!

What did you do before Otolaryngology? I worked in surgical pathology before going into medical school where my interest peaked for pursuing a surgical specialty.

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