Neurology Residency Program

Education Conferences

Anschutz210GA_206The Department of Neurology is devoted to resident education. Daily, weekly, and monthly recurring educational conferences are abundant and provide residents the opportunity to participate in didactic and interactive learning sessions. The major conference time for residents is a 3 hour weekly session that occurs each Wednesday afternoon on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The idea of a concentrated weekly conference was brought forth and developed by the residents several years ago and the tradition has continued. The format has continued to grow and develop into a curriculum-based conference with clinical and basic science didactics, Case Presentations (“morning report” style) to the Chairman and subspecialists, and newly developed, interactive and resident-run sessions including Residency Inservice Training Exam reviews and Clinical Care Conferences. The goal of the didactic portion of the Wednesday afternoon conference is to cover a clinical topic with its relevant basic science core. For example, a didactic session might begin with a one-hour clinical review of myasthenia gravis, the Lambert-Eaton syndrome and botulism, etc. The clinical hour would be followed by lectures covering the functional neuroanatomy of the neuromuscular junction, electrical abnormalities seen in neuromuscular junction disorders, etc.; thus providing an integrated clinical basic science update of an important area of neurological disease. Over a 1-year period, every resident will be exposed to an update of multiple topics in clinical neurology and correlative neuroscience. All residents come together to attend (with snacks and beverages provided) and Grand Rounds follows immediately after.


While full-time faculty in the Department of Neurology are responsible for the topics, others in affiliated disciplines of neuropathology, neuroradiology, rehabilitation medicine, pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuroanatomy, as well as faculty in the interdepartmental neuroscience program, regularly participate. 


The Wednesday afternoon conference program is supplemented by weekly Grand Rounds, Journal Club, regular didactic and formal teaching conferences at all affiliated hospitals, visiting Neurology Professorships, Department of Neurology Symposia, Quality Improvement Conference, and a Department Research Retreat. 

Attendance and participation of residents in these conferences provides a foundation for success not only on the neurology board examination, but also for a lifetime in the practice of neurology.


Schedule of the major conferences and grand rounds can be found on the Events/Schedules Page.


Summary of Educational Conferences:

  • Weekly Wednesday 3 hour Educational Conference with the following formats
  • Didactic lectures (clinical and basic science topics)
  • "Morning Report-style" case presentations with the Chairman and invited subspecialty faculty
  • RITE  (Residency In-service Training Examination) review 
  • Neuroradiology Monthly Multidisciplinary Conference
  • Quarterly Quality Clinical Care Conferences
  • Weekly morning Report
  • Weekly Grand Rounds
  • Monthly Journal Club
  • Regular subspecialty and affiliated specialty conferences: stroke, behavioral neurology, movement disorders, neuro-oncology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery. 
  • Four annual honorary visiting professorships with 1-2 days of lectures and patient presentations
  • Annual Department Research Retreat