CU School of Medicine Neurologic Care Clerkship

Neurologic Care

Trevor Hawkins, MD                            Aaron Carlson, MD                                  Vera Fridman, MD

Trevor H. Hawkins, MD                Aaron M. Carlson, MD                              Vera Fridman, MD

Director:                                           Director:                                                     Associate Director:
Neurology Clinical Specialty              Advanced Neurosciences Course           Medical Student Education

Clerkship Course Coordinator:

Jonathan Rendon, BA
Research 2, MS B182
12700 East 19th Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80045
Phone: (303) 724-0324

Student Interest Group for Neurology (SIGN)

Mission Statement:

SIGN is a student run interest group dedicated to providing educational lectures and workshops aimed at exposing students to the field of neurology.

Activities and Opportunities:

SIGN organizes lunch lectures covering topics from both adult and pediatric neurology, as well as an annual Neurologic Exam Skills workshop with residents from the UCH Neurology Program and Resident Q&A. SIGN is one of a network of 129 chapters in medical schools across the country affiliated with the AAN (American Association of Neurology).

Through AAN, ( there are numerous resources available to students, ranging from scholarships to the Annual AAN Meeting and Summer Research Scholarships to information about careers in Neurology.

Faculty advisor: Amanda Piquet, MD

Contact information:

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