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Recent Neurohospitalist Fellowship Program Graduates


Ross Crandall, MD 

Fellow, 2023-2024 

The University of Colorado has been an incredibly impactful home for my personal and professional development, from medical school through neurology residency. I was drawn to neurohospitalist medicine by its breadth and depth of clinical care. The inpatient setting is unrivaled in its meaningful educational experiences. Competent academic neurohospitalist practice demands several diverse skill sets, including complex clinical decision making, timeliness, educational effectiveness, systems-based practice, and leadership. The fellowship at the University of Colorado does a fantastic and diligent job of honing these skills, allowing graduates to operate as a high level attending on day one. The quantity and quality of the faculty mentorship are unmatched. The patient population provides both classic community care with complex quaternary clinical management. The flexibility in the schedule allows each fellow to easily chart their extra-clinical interests and start their academic career on a strong footing.


Madeline Garza, MD 

Fellow, 2022-2023 

Current Appointment

Neurohospitalist, UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital

I've truly enjoyed my time as a University of Colorado Neurohospitalist Fellow.  Program Faculty are wonderful teachers and mentors.  They were dedicated to my success, invested in helping me achieve my research goals and career aspirations.  The Program’s flexibly supported my unique interest in autoimmune neurology through personally-tailored clinical, educational, and research opportunities.  With the clinical and leadership experience this Fellowship has afforded me, I am confident moving forward in my career as an independent, community practice-based Neurohospitalist.  


Jarrett Leech, MD 

Fellow, 2021-2022 

Current Appointment 

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Neurohospitalist-Neurovascular Section, University of Colorado 

Associate Program Director, Neurohospitalist Fellowship Program 

I joined the neurohospitalist fellowship from neurology residency at University of Colorado because I knew I had more to learn from a faculty group comprised of dedicated educators.  

The fellowship creates the optimal environment to develop the analytical competency necessary to skillfully manage acute neurological illness. The flexible schedule allows me to pursue my interests in quality improvement and clinical education. I have found the collegial atmosphere inspiring with abundant educational opportunities and research collaborations. 

Brian Sauer, MD, PhD 

Fellow, 2019-2020 

Current Appointment 

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Neurohospitalist-Neurovascular Section, University of Colorado 

Director, Neurohospitalist and Consultative Neurology Programs, University of Colorado 

Program Director, Neurohospitalist Fellowship Program 

The University of Colorado Fellowship in Neurohospitalist Medicine balances flexible research and leadership opportunities with essential clinical experiences.  It allowed me to establish the foundation of my academic and administrative interests while refining my clinical acumen, all under the purview of caring and personable faculty mentors.  The program engenders instant credibility and bolsters marketability for the faculty recruitment process. It was the most influential factor in my securing a desirable faculty position in a highly competitive job market 


Brandon Pope, MD, MBA 

Fellow, 2018-2019 

Current Appointment 

Neuroscience Chief and Stroke Medical Director, UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital 

Medical Director, UCHealth Teleneurology Program 

The Neurohospitalist Fellowship at the University of Colorado provided me with a flexible schedule allowing me to pursue my administrative and program development goals while also bolstering my clinical practice in a supportive and collegial environment. Practicing as a faculty instructor allows for significant independence, preparing the fellow for a seamless transition into the attending role at program completion. These factors allowed me to secure a fantastic faculty position and step into multiple leadership roles within the first 12 months after graduation. 

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