Consultative Neurology

Department of Neurology Clinical Practice

The Consultative Neurology service at the University of Colorado Hospital delivers diagnostic expertise and treatment recommendations for neurological conditions. We evaluate patients referred by primary care providers, other medical or surgical specialties, and also by neurologists outside the University of Colorado. 


After a careful assessment, including the review of available records, a complete care plan is developed, which can then be done by the referring physician. If studies for diagnostic purposes are required at the time of consult, a follow up visit will be arranged to complete the diagnostic process. Any patient requiring further sub-specialty Neurology care will be appropriately referred as indicated.


The neurologists in the Consultative Neurology division have various subspecialties expertise, including epilepsy, stroke, neuro-oncology, sleep and neuromuscular disorders, neuro-infections, neuro-ophthalmology, and head and face pain, and together represent more than 100 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases.


Consultative Neurology faculty:


Marius Birlea, MD 

Denise Damek, MD 

Richard Hughes, MD 

Maria Nagel, MD

Douglas Ney, MD 

Chantal O'Brien, MD

Jeffery Reynek, DNP

Jean Tsai, MD, PhD



To make an appointment:

  • Have your referring physician FAX your medical records, insurance information and demographic information to (720) 848-2106.
  • Please allow 2 business days for processing of your paperwork. Then CALL (720) 848-2080 to schedule your appointment.
  • Be sure to bring any MRI/CT scans, lab results, and pertinent medical records to your appointment. 

We accept all PPO/HMO/POS plans. Please call your insurance carrier to verify benefits and coverage at University of Colorado Hospital.