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Designing for Dissemination and Sustainability to Promote Equitable Impacts on Health

Authorship: Bethany Kwan, et. al.
Designing for dissemination and sustainability (D4DS) refers to principles and methods for enhancing the fit between a health program, policy, or practice and the context in which it is intended to be adopted. In this article we first summarize the historical context of D4DS and justify the need to shift traditional health research and dissemination practices. D4DS design processes include stakeholder engagement, participatory co-design, and context and situation analysis, and leverage methods and frameworks from dissemination and implementation science, marketing and business, communications and visual arts, and systems science.

Using Iterative RE-AIM to enhance hospitalist adoption of lung ultrasound in the management of patients with COVID-19: an implementation pilot study

Authorship: Anna Maw, et. al.
Conclusion: Mandating use of a strategically selected subset of clinicians may be an effective strategy for improving Reach of LUS. Additionally, use of Iterative RE-AIM allowed for timely adjustments to implementation strategies, facilitating higher levels of LUS Adoption and Reach. Future studies should explore the replicability of these preliminary findings.

Applying an equity lens to assess context and implementation in public health and health services research and practice using the PRISM Framework

Authorship: Meredith Fort, et. al.
We present guidance for applying PRISM with an equity lens across its four context domains (external environment; multi-level perspectives on the intervention; characteristics of implementers and intended audience; and the implementation and sustainability infrastructure – as well as the five RE-AIM outcome dimensions - and present an example with health equity considerations.

Using Implementation Mapping to develop protocols supporting the implementation of a state policy on screening children for Adverse Childhood Experiences in a system of health centers in inland Southern California

Authorship: Mónica Pérez Jolles, et. al.
In this paper, we describe how Implementation Mapping was used to engage diverse stakeholders and guide them through a systematic process that resulted in the development of the implementation strategy. We also detail how the EPIS framework informed each Implementation Mapping Task and provide recommendations for developing implementation strategies using EPIS and Implementation Mapping in health-care settings.

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