Economic Analysis Core

Directed by Liza Creel, PhD

The Economic Analysis Core provides ACCORDS investigators and other researchers on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus with consultation services about incorporating an economic component into their projects. This will allow researchers to address implementation, dissemination, and sustainability, which are issues of growing interest to funders. 

Goals & Objectives:

Provide consultation services during the project planning and proposal stages to support “designing for sustainability from multiple perspectives” and contribute to funded projects in four areas of economic analysis.

  • Benefit-Cost Analysis – Identify, measure and evaluate the benefits and costs of healthcare interventions from multiple perspectives including (i) patients and their families, (ii) providers, (iii) public and private payers, (iv) purchasers (e.g., employers), and (v) policymakers/government.
  • Intervention/Program/Replication Costs – Identify and measure the startup costs and ongoing delivery of healthcare interventions using the most appropriate methods, including time driven activity-based costing methods, other micro-costing methods and macro-costing methods.
  • Cost Effectiveness/Cost Utility Analysis – Design and measure incremental cost effectiveness ratios and utility ratios that are relevant for healthcare interventions.
  • Disease Burden Data – Identify and interpret disease burden analyses to inform the design and implementation of healthcare interventions that may have a significant impact on healthcare costs 

Progress & Future Direction

The Economic Analysis Core is an extension of the Data Science to Patient Value (D2V) – Patient and System Value Core with ACCORDS collaborations. The Economic Analysis Core will continue to support the resource hub developed by the Patient and System Value Core, which provides resources to support time-driven activity-based costing methods (TDABC).

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