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Educational Offerings

A variety of different trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, and presentations to foster an active learning community on state-of-the-art outcomes and community translational research methods and applications are offered by ACCORDS.


  • Multiple seminar series throughout the year focused on specific topics of interest, guided by our core and program activities.
  • 1-2 conferences each year involving both local and national speakers.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly work in progress (WIP) sessions for groups of faculty at similar levels of training who have a common research focus.  For example, there are currently faculty WIPs focused on surgical/hospitalist outcomes, children with special health care needs, prevention of obesity in childhood, adult cardiology and adult surgical outcomes, each with 6-10 participating faculty. Please contact the program or core director with inquiries. 
Micro-costing is a cost estimation method that involves the direct enumeration and costing out of every input used to deploy an implementation strategy or an evidence-based intervention (EBI). Reliable cost information provides the foundation of all economic evaluations, which inform resource allocation decisions impacting the implementation and sustainability of EBIs. Despite the widespread use of this method, there is no standardized checklist for the conduct, reporting, and appraisal of micro-costing studies. This presentation will discuss the strengths and limitations of state-of-the art micro-costing approaches and data collection tools. It will conclude with thoughts about the direction for methodological development.
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