What We Do


  • Collaborate with health and outcomes researchers from the design of studies through publication of results
  • Provide instruction or educational activities through fellowship programs and mentoring of K-awardees
  • Develop and publish original research related to health outcomes and biostatistical methodology.

Our Process

  1. Submit your request using our Consult Request form. We review your request and determine if we have the expertise and biostatisticians available.
  2. Meet with us for an initial consult to discuss the details of your grant. A budget will be established for the work needed during the grant, including biostatistician and analyst support.
  3. Receive a Grant Development Agreement that includes a budget, services provided, and deadlines. Or we can send you a letter of support.
  4. Consult with our biostatistician to receive advice on your grant submission, study design, and analysis methods.
  5. Submit your grant application and let us know if your grant was approved or if you need help with a resubmission.
  6. Collaborate with our biostatistician and/or analyst on your research project, once your grant is funded.
  7. Submit for publication with the help of our biostatistician to draft sections for your manuscript or publications.

Policies & Guidelines

1. Authorship and manuscripts - Any biostatistician or analyst conducting analysis or otherwise making a significant contribution will:

  • Be a co-author on the publication to acknowledge their intellectual contribution, using their primary appointment affiliation
  • Analyze data collected for publication and abstracts only after study completion, to maintain study and statistical integrity
  • Collaborate with you in structuring the presentation of results and write the statistical methods section of your paper
  • Review your publication and any revisions prior to submission
  • Assist with revisions, keeping in mind your revision deadlines

2. Guidelines for order of listed authors - The order in which our biostatistician is listed as author depends on the extent of contribution:


First author: The biostatistician plays a major role in project development or hypothesis generation, (when existing data) substantially changes direction of the hypothesis and corresponding analysis, provides a unique contribution, conducts analysis and writes a large portion of your paper.

Second author: The biostatistician plays a major role in project development, offers statistical expertise needed for your research, or conducts substantial and/or complex analysis of data. This is a typical position for a biostatistician involved in the life cycle of a project or who has unique analytic expertise (e.g., mediation analysis, microbiome or genomics).

Middle-listed author: The biostatistician does not necessarily collaborate in the design of the study, but conducts data analysis, writes the statistical methods section and assists in interpreting results for conclusion.

Senior author: The biostatistician provides significant mentoring to the first author, offering guidance for the first author to conduct analysis, or plays a major role in helping the first author design the study. There generally has been substantial one-on-one meeting time as well as additional analysis and paper writing support beyond a typical collaborative role.

3. Junior or student biostatisticians - If the biostatistician was mentored by a senior statistician, the senior statistician immediately follows the junior statistician within the authorship line (e.g., if the junior statistician is the second author, the mentoring statistician would generally be listed as the third author).

The manuscript or presentation should cite any grants or other support related to the project, including the Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute and the REDCap project, if applicable. The following citation should be used: "Supported by NIH/NCATS Colorado CTSA Grant Number UL1 TR002535. Contents are the authors' sole responsibility and do not necessarily represent official NIH views.


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