D2V Costing Resource Hub

Costing and Data Collection

Data Science to Patient Value (D2V) partnered with researchers and clinicians to improve value-driven healthcare.  The D2V Costing Resource Hub, now part of ACCORDS Economic Analysis Core, has gathered tools for measuring and understanding the cost of delivering care in order to improve value in healthcare.  This resource hub provides some of the tools available to support value-driven health care.  


Why measure the cost to deliver medical care?


A lack of understanding of the true costs (in distinction from charges) of healthcare delivery poses a challenge to improving health care value.  As healthcare systems test and use alternative payment models, clinicians must understand the actual care cost and outcomes for individual patients which is the level clinicians have the most influential change.


These tools guide projects to fully understand care cost and improve value in health care from the provider and patient perspective:

  • Intervention or a new treatment that does not have established average costs
  • A study of within procedure variation 
  • Clinical practice guideline development 
  • Process improvement 
  • Value-based care models

This resource hub describes two commonly used methods to identify, measure, and value resource consumption and the savings attributable to the intervention: gross-costing and micro-costing. View these resources by clicking the PDF links or menu headings below.


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