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Current Activities for the ACCORDS D&I Program

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Members and Roles - WHO WE ARE

The D&I Program has had several role changes and additions to our team. These additions and role definitions will help us achieve our goals and should also clarify for ACCORDS and other colleagues our major areas of expertise and key responsibilities for each of us.

Conduct D&I Consultations

If you know the content area, D&I issue or questions and expertise of one of the above is the clearly best fit, directly contact that D&I member. If you are unclear or your request cuts across multiple areas, contact Jodi Holtrop, who will be the primary consultation contact and will triage requests. (View Consultations)

Partner with Other Organizations

This year we have added or expanded a number of important partnerships that we think will provide important benefits, advance both the field in general, and enhance our own productivity. These include partnerships with:

  • Eastern Colorado (Denver) VA Quality Improvement Research and Implementation (QUERI) program, PI Mike Ho. QUERI is the VA’s national D&I program, recognized as one of the most intensive and comprehensive in the country. Russ and Borsika are primary liaisons.
  • Eastern Colorado Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center  (GRECC)- one of several geriatric research centers around the country specializing in aging research. Bob Schwartz, PI; Dan Matlock primary liaison.
  • University School of Medicine Center on Aging. Bob Schwartz, PI.  Campus center for geriatrics research. Jodi Holtrop primary liaison.
  • Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI) Dissemination and Implementation Research core (Directed by ACCORDS investigator Dr. Bethany Kwan) extends the reach of the ACCORDS D&I program skills and expertise to all CCTSI members and serves as the connector to the National CTSA Consortium’s D&I working groups.
Create & Collect New Resources for D&I

We recommend periodically reviewing our Resources Page for updates prior to consultation or research meetings with the D&I program. ‚Äč