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The Colorado Pragmatic Research in Health Conference 2023 

Consultation Opportunity 

COPRH Con is offering consultations for investigators on methods for conduct of pragmatic research. Meet with national experts in pragmatic science in health services and public health research and peers to get advice for your project. 

The consultations will occur on Monday, June 5 from 12:00-2:00 PM Mountain Time

To apply for a consultation on pragmatic study design and frameworks, please submit a 1-2-page document for our team to review and discuss with you in your slot – this might be an aims page, a precursor to an aims page that outlines your key objectives and rationale for the study, or another grant section you’re interested in developing further. You will have time to deliver an overview of your project and pose questions you have about selecting a study design and/or framework for your project, followed by discussion.

Note: Only one investigative team per project/application will be considered for this consultation. The investigator on the application may have up to 5 additional research team members attend the consultation, if the team's application is accepted. 

In the consultation form, you will need to include the following key information as context for us and to prime us to consider your key goals/challenges. 

1. Your name, credentials, current academic institution, and your role/title/academic rank at your institution, and your email address 

2.  The purpose of requesting a consultation

3.  Draft aims page - if helpful, it is OK to include up to 2 additional pages of key conceptual models, figures, or pilot data, that would assist the consultant in providing input on your methods

4. Weblink to the Program Announcement / Request for Applications that you anticipate you will apply to with this aims page (if unsure, then list the funders you are considering for this line of inquiry)

5.  Scope of grant application (e.g., pilot grant ($50,000 or less), K-award, R21, R01, Center grant)

6.  List 2-3 key questions for the consultant about your proposal for which you would appreciate their input


A few of the participating experts:

  • Ross Brownson, PhD
  • Maria Fernandez, PhD
  • Bethany Kwan, PhD
  • Liza Creel, PhD
  • Caroline Tietbohl, PhD
  • in addition to patient or community partners and others!



To Apply, Click Here

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