Learning Health System (LHS)

CO-Directed by Michael Ho and Katy Trinkley

We help clinicians make their QI projects generalizable/transferrable. We help researchers make their work more relevant to stakeholders.

The LHS Core aims to assist researchers and practitioners in designing and evaluating clinical programs or interventions in scientifically rigorous and publishable ways to expedite knowledge generation to improve patient care and clinical processes. 

 LHS Core Consultation Services (1-2 meetings with LHS Core individual or team)

  • Offer advice about measurable research questions & outcomes that are important to local partners and external health systems/researchers. 
  • Provide study design consultation. 
    • Embedded Pragmatic Trials and Retrospective or Observational Studies
    • Comparative effectiveness  
    • Predictive Modelling 
  • Recommend potential data sources once a research question is defined. 
  • Assess EHR feasibility and/or process and outcome measurement.
  • Identify potential health systems and research collaborators and resources. 
  • Offer input about creating a learning health system within a department or other setting. 
  • Provide guidance regarding grant proposals involving LHS or LHS-embedded projects.  
  • Ongoing collaboration with the LHS Core/NavLab
  • Health Systems Evaluation & Research 
  • Biostatistics & Predictive Modeling 
  • Qualitative Methods 
  • User-Centered Design 
  • Dissemination & Implementation  
  • Health Economics 
  • Clinical Informatics 

Learning health systems have emerged in response to these urgent healthcare challenges: 

  • The large time lag between the publication of biomedical knowledge and the application of this knowledge to improve care at the clinical practice level. 
  • Medical knowledge is expanding exponentially at a rapid rate.
  • The increase in health information technology and digital documentation of health care delivery begs for system-level innovations.
  • System-level improvement requires forming a diverse, interdisciplinary community to share ideas and learn from these evolving scientific endeavors. 

(source: University of Michigan Learning Health System Department) 


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