D&I Science Graduate Certificate Program

The mission of the Dissemination & Implementation Science Graduate Certificate Program is to equip our graduates with the D&I research skills needed to design rigorous and innovative translational research, and to successfully compete for federal funding to carry out their proposed work.

We individualize our training to address key D&I competencies and meet each trainee’s unique program goals through three key strategies

Small Class Size

Synchronous Online Classes

Recruit from Diverse Disciplines


Degree: BA/BS

GPA: A minimum of 3.00 is recommended

Prerequisite courses: N/A

Applicants for the D&I Certificate Program must submit the following documents to the program for review:

  • Statements of D&I Interests (250-word limit per question):
    • What makes you interested in seeking specialized training in Dissemination and Implementation Science?
    • What do you hope to gain professionally from the certificate program?
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

Transcripts from Highest Degree (current or completed)

  • You will need to contact the academic institution that you attended/are attending to obtain an unofficial or official transcript. The transcript must include a transcript legend. Typically, this is done through the Office of the Registrar but this could vary depending on the school or university.
  • Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for US institution transcripts
  • Official transcripts are required for any transcripts obtained from international institutions.
  • When requesting an unofficial transcript from your school and/or a certified translation of your transcript, please instruct the school/translation service to send your transcript directly from their office to:

Clinical Science Program
ATTN: Amanda Whiting
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
1890 N Revere Ct., Campus Box B141

  • Special Request: Due to the situation with the Coronavirus, we are unable to review transcripts that are mailed to the campus. Please make sure to request electronic transcripts and if those are not available, provide the program with documentation of your efforts.

Transcripts from foreign (non-US) institutions 

Applicants must order Course by Course transcript evaluation from either Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or World Education Services (WES). These companies also offer certified translation services for transcripts when applicable. ECE evaluation reports can be uploaded to the University portal automatically by ECE. WES evaluations should be forwarded directly to the University (make sure to request that from WES at the time of ordering the report):

Graduate School
Mail Stop C296
Fitzsimons Building, W5107
13001 E. 17th Place
Aurora, CO 80045

Special guidance for MD applicants - must include a transcript from an undergraduate degree in addition to the transcript from your MD degree.

We encourage you to contact Galit Mankin (Galit.Mankin@cuanschutz.eduwith your understanding of what your application should include in terms of these materials to confirm.

Please note that the D&I Certificate Program does not provide tuition assistance. Room and board expenses are unnecessary for this fully online program.

In addition to the general admission requirements, international applicants must meet additional requirements dictated by the University. For additional information about these requirements, please review the International Student Requirements for Graduate School admissions.

Transcripts from foreign (non-US) institutions: Applicants must order Course by Course transcript evaluation from either Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or World Education Services (WES). These companies also offer certified translation services for transcripts when applicable. ECE evaluation reports can be uploaded to the University portal automatically by ECE. WES evaluations should be forwarded directly to the University (make sure to request that from WES at the time of ordering the report):

Electronic evaluations should be sent to: graduate.school@ucdenver.edu

Hardcopy evaluations should be mailed (directly from WES) to:

Graduate School
Mail Stop C296
Fitzsimons Building, W5107
13001 E. 17th Place
Aurora, CO 80045

Please note that the Certificate program does not provide stipends to assist with tuition and/or room and board expenses. In addition we currently do not have any research or teaching assistantships to support the educational costs of international students.

Apply Here

There is one application cycle per year with a start date in the Fall (August) semester. The application cycle for 2024 will be open from January 15 - February 15, 2024.

Application Link

To begin a new application:

(1) Click the link above and choose "Begin Application"

(2) Log in with CU credentials or create an account

(3) Select "Start Application"

(4) Choose "Graduate Non-Degree Admissions

(5) When prompted for your academic interests, select “Certificate”

(6) Choose "Online" 

(7) Select the Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Science graduate certificate program (this option will not be listed or available outside of the January 15 – February 15 application window)

Between January 15 and February 15, if you have questions about accessing the correct application form, please contact Galit Mankin for assistance.


Core Competencies

The certificate program courses have been mapped to core D&I competencies including the following:

  • Recognizing the level of evidence required to justify disseminating a program
  • Developing a rationale for selecting a D&I model or framework to guide one’s study design
  • Designing pragmatic interventions
  • Selecting appropriate process/outcome measures
  • Engaging key stakeholders to select the appropriate implementation strategies for a given context
  • Using study designs that assess and plan for adaptations, sustainability, and future dissemination
  • Conducting transparent evaluations of implementation strategies that address generalizability, costs and health equity
  • Balancing the need for site adaptations with internal validity needs
  • Use of mixed methods approaches for evaluation of D&I studies.


Courses, Costs, Admissions & More


What courses are offered as part of the ACCORDS D&I Science Graduate Certificate program?

There are three required core courses:

  • Introduction to D&I Research in Health (3 credit hours);
  • Designs and Mixed Methods in Implementation Research (3 credit hours);
  • Designing for Dissemination, Sustainability, and Equity (2 credit hours)

The Certificate program currently offers three electives:

  • Context and Adaptation in Implementation Research (2 credit hours)
  • Getting Your Implementation Science Grants Funded (2 credit hours)
  • Advanced Research Topics in Dissemination and Implementation Science (seminar; 1 credit hour)

Additional elective courses can be selected with approval of the Certificate program director.

How many hours are required for this D&I Science Certificate?

A total of 12 credit hours of courses are required for completion. These will typically be completed over 2 calendar years but can be stretched to 3 calendar years as needed.

Is it possible to take a course or two in this D&I Science Certificate program without applying to join the program?

Yes, if there is space available in addition to the current D&I Certificate students, you may. First you must contact Amanda Whiting to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

This is our course priority policy. 

Degree Seeking Students
Degree-seeking students will have the following priority for our D&I Certificate courses:

  • First priority – D&I Certificate students (enrolled through the typical enrollment cycle or off cycle – those admitted off cycle will be enrolling as non-degree students)
  • Second priority – Students who are part of a different CLSC degree-seeking program (e.g., MS or PhD-seeking students in the Clinical Sciences program)

Non-Degree Seeking Students
Non-degree seeking students will be given priority for participation in a course if:

  • on a K-award or T-award (with priority for individuals affiliated with CU) 
  • part of our NIH-funded ISC3 affiliate Centers
  • Affiliated with the VA QUERI

What if I start the Certificate program and then decide to pursue a graduate degree at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus - will the course credits be transferable?

Yes, it is possible to transfer course credit hours completed as part of the Certificate to a graduate degree program. However, the number of course credits transferable will be dependent on the graduate course requirements of your selected graduate degree program. Credits completed as part of the D&I Certificate program will likely be applied as your elective credit hours. It is extremely important that you work with the graduate program of interest to understand how many credit hours could be transferable.

Students that decide to enroll in a Master’s or PhD program after the certificate program starts will have to formally apply for that program separately.

What if I have already taken a course that is part of this Certificate - will it count towards the Certificate or do I need to take the course again?

If you took the Certificate course in the past 5 years, you do not need to retake a course. Whether it can count for the total 12 hours will need to be decided on a case-by-case basis, as there are contextual factors that influence the decision of whether it was taken as part of a prior degree and whether you are currently pursuing a degree beyond this D&I Graduate Certificate. Contact Galit Mankin at the time of enrolling in a course of this type, in order to determine next steps.


Is there any cost to apply for the Certificate program?

Please refer to the Graduate Admissions and Application page for information about application fees: https://graduateschool.cuanschutz.edu/admissions/apply

What are the tuition costs for the Certificate courses?

Tuition costs can change year to year. Be sure to look at the University Website for updated information. On this website, select tuition and fees for The Graduate School and refer to information for "Clinical Science -- MS or PhD" for the most updated information on tuition costs for Certificate courses.

Can I apply for Financial Aid to complete this Certificate?

The D&I certificate program does not qualify for federal financial aid. Therefore, you will not be able to apply for it. For more information in this matter, please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. Any questions related to tuition classification should be address to the Office of Registrar.

What if I am a University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus employee who is eligible for a tuition waiver, can I use it for the Certificate program?

If you are a current University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus employee you may be eligible for a tuition assistance program. Typically, if you are using the tuition waiver you cannot enroll prior to the first day of classes; however please email Amanda Whiting to request a permission number so that we have an idea of the number of students taking the given course.


What if I have taken a D&I training already (e.g., TIDRH, MT-DIRC, IRI), do I still need to take the required Introduction to D&I course?

Yes, existing D&I training programs are excellent and our faculty is very familiar with them; however, they are not graduate courses. Thus, we believe that there is no current substitute for our Introduction to D&I graduate-level course. Furthermore, we have experience tailoring this course to the experience level of each student allowing for a meaningful experience for those already exposed to D&I prior to the course.


Is it worth pursuing this Certificate if I have already done the NIH Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (TIDIRH) training program?

Our program faculty believe the answer is yes, as our graduate training program has more coursework and mentored application of D&I methods to your area of research.  Here is a testimonial from one of our D&I Certificate students who completed TIDIRH before applying to our Certificate program:

“I chose to pursue the D&I certificate after having participated in the NIH TIDIRH training because I wanted more exposure to the frameworks and methods of the field. TIDIRH was an introductory program and that involved asynchronous learning from experts with an in-person conference, which was great as it drew many leaders in the field, but the certificate devotes entire courses to the same topics with more time for concept development, individualized feedback, and educational growth as the classes build on each other.”  - Margo Harrison, MD  - University of Colorado, D&I Certificate student (2019-2021)

What is required for admission to the Certificate program?

Please refer to the Admission Requirements, Required Application Documents, and International Applicant Criteria sections above.



Students accepted to the D&I Certificate Program and those students attending D&I Certificate Program courses will be expected to act with a level of professionalism consistent with the expectations outlined by the University of Colorado School of Medicine. This level of professionalism entails respect, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of their involvement in the program as it relates to the application process and participation in the program, including:

  • Communications with faculty and staff – students are expected to communicate with faculty and staff in a way that is respectful, appropriate, and honest.
  • Communications with fellow students and peer professionals – student communications with each other should likewise be respectful, appropriate, and encourage a positive learning environment whether face-to-face, during live discussions, or on class discussion boards.
  • Academic integrity – Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students will present their own work when required and acknowledge full credit to others where appropriate. 

Students who violate principles of professionalism may subject to investigative measures by the D&I Graduate Certificate program directors and/or administrative leadership of the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI). Violations of professionalism may be witnessed by faculty, who may address the student directly or elevate the concern to the program directors, or fellow students, who are encouraged to bring any concerns to faculty or the leadership of the program.

Course Descriptions

Required Courses & Electives

Program plan: complete a total of 12 credit hours over a 3-year period

Required Courses (8 credit hours)

All incoming students should register for CLSC 7653 (Introduction to D&I Research in Health) for their first fall semester. This course is a prerequisite for most other courses in the Certificate program. The order of remaining courses is flexible.

Required CoursesInstructorCreditsTiming
CLSC 7653 Introduction to Dissemination and Implementation Research in HealthRabin/Studts3Fall (yearly)
CLSC 6560 Designs and Mixed Methods in Implementation ResearchHoltrop/Fort3*

Spring (yearly)

*3 credits beginning spring 2023

CLSC 6750 Designing for Dissemination, Sustainability, and EquityKwan/Jolles2Fall (yearly)


Elective courses (4 credit hours)

Elective CoursesInstructorCreditsTiming
CLSC 7663 Understanding D&I Context and Adaptation
Studts/ Rabin2Spring (yearly)
CLSC 6770 Grant-writing for D&I ResearchGlasgow/Brownson2Summer (yearly)
CLSC 6850 Advanced Topics in Dissemination & Implementation ScienceHuebschmann/Trinkley1-2Fall (yearly)
Electives approved by Certificate director  Up to 3Varies

Who We Are

Our Areas of Expertise

The Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Science Graduate Certificate Program was designed to address a local and national need for rigorous training in D&I Science in health services research.

D&I science is the study of methods and strategies to facilitate the spread, adoption, implementation, and sustainment of evidence-based practices, interventions and policies in real-world and diverse health settings. As a transdisciplinary scientific field, D&I science can address multiple cross-cutting research topics (e.g., reducing disparities in access to and quality of care; use of innovative technologies and data science to improve routine care) and health conditions (e.g., mental health, cancer and cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality, geriatric care) of high priority. D&I Science also has the potential to make precision health more actionable and relevant and can make the translation of discoveries in this and other high priority areas more rapid.

The D&I Science Graduate Certificate Program is designed to provide pragmatic training to researchers who want to develop competencies in D&I science and practice which can be applied across multiple topic areas and settings in health services, clinical and community health, and public health research. The program is intended to provide researchers with solid foundational skills in D&I science, as well as intermediate and advanced skills in select D&I competency areas.

The D&I Science Graduate Certificate Program has three sponsoring units. The Adult and Child Center for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS) acts as the primary sponsor, and the Clinical Science Graduate Program at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus acts as the secondary sponsor. The Colorado Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control and Prevention (1 P50 CA244688-01) serves as an additional sponsor. It is coordinated through the ACCORDS Dissemination and Implementation Science Program.

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