The mission of the Neuroradiology section at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is to provide outstanding and innovative patient care, education, and research.


Neuroradiology Faculty



tanabeJody Tanabe, MD

Section Chief 

Vice Chair of Research


borgesThomas Borges, MD


callenAndrew Callen, MD


Charles De PenaCharles De Pena, MD



Justin Honce, MD



Valeria Potigailo, MD

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Associate Program Director 

Department Wellness Champion




Ashesh Thaker, MD

Director, Neuroradiology Fellowship



Vincent Timpone, MD 



David Zander, MD

Chief of Head and Neck Radiology 



Patient Care

The Neuroradiology section performs more than 40,000 exams per year across a broad range of service areas including brain, spine, head and neck MRI and CT. We participate in numerous multi-disciplinary conferences, perform percutaneous spine interventions (Drs. Ashesh Thaker and Vincent Timpone), and CT-guided biopsies for complex head and neck lesions (Dr. David Zander, Chief of Head and Neck radiology).  The section is capable of conducting a full-suite of task-based functional MRI, DTI, MR perfusion, and MR spectroscopy. We work closely with a team of dedicated 3-D post-processing technologists. 


The Neuroradiology section participates in a full range of educational activities for fellows, residents and medical students. Activities include didactic lectures, case conferences, M&M, Journal Club, and mentorship on scholarly projects. We sponsor three Neuroradiology fellows each year through the ACGME accredited fellowship program.  During the fellowship, participants gain advanced training in all aspects of adult neuroradiology, as well as focused training in pediatric neuroradiology and neuro-interventional procedures. Past fellows have pursued successful careers in both academics and private practice.


Our faculty members are actively involved in a range of research projects, including the application of quantitative neuroimaging methods to study multiple sclerosis, structural and functional imaging in dementia, movement disorders, brain tumors, and psychiatric disorders. The faculty are engaged in health services utilization research, process improvement, and appropriateness criteria projects. Faculty have access to a research-dedicated 3T Siemens Skyra, Philips CT/PET, and GE MR-PET (scheduled Fall 2020) and an array of software programs including SPM, FSL, FreeSurfer, NordicNeurolab, AFNI, and GIFT. 


The Neuroradiology section consists of eight, full-time faculty members:

Jody Tanabe, MD, is a Professor of Radiology, Chief​ of Neuroradiology and Vice Chair for Research. A board-certified radiologist with a Neuroradiology Subspecialty Certification and Maintenance of Certificate (MOC) in Neuroradiology, Dr. Tanabe's clinical and research interests include using neuroimaging to understand the neurobiology of neuropsychiatric and movement disorders. She is an officer of the American Society for Functional Neuroradiology. Bibliography 

Tom Borges, MD, is an Associate Professor of Radiology. Dr. Borges is a board-certified Radiologist with a Neuroradiology Subspecialty Certification and Maintenance of Certificate (MOC) in Neuroradiology. His clinical interests focus on neuroradiology of the sella and skull base. Dr. Borges directs Medical Student education for the Neuroradiology section. Bibliography

Andrew Callen, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology. A board-certified radiologist, Dr. Callen's clinical expertise and research interests include advanced MRI flow and perfusion techniques, neurovascular diseases, and radiology informatics. Dr. Callen also performs image-guided spine interventions, with a focus on the treatment of pain, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of spinal leaks and intracranial hypotension. Bibliography

Justin Honce, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology. Dr. Honce holds board-certifications in Radiology & Neuroradiology and serves as the Magnetic Resonance Medical Director for University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. Honce’s research interests focus on quantitative neuroimaging in multiple sclerosis, and neurodegenerative disorders as well as Quality Improvement in MRI. Bibliography

Valeria Potigailo, MD, is a visiting Associate Professor of Radiology. A board-certified Radiologist with a Neuroradiology Subspecialty Certification, Dr. Potigailo’s research focuses on head and neck imaging and MRI safety and quality. She is also passionate about clinical medical education/mentorship and committed to the advancement of organized radiology. Bibliography

Ashesh Thaker, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology and Director of the ACGME-accredited neuroradiology fellowship. A board-certified radiologist maintaining a neuroradiology subspecialty certification, Dr. Thaker’s research interests include quantitative and multimodal neuroimaging in neurodegenerative disorders and epilepsy. He also has clinical expertise in spinal CSF leak and leads percutaneous spine intervention for the neuroradiology section. Bibliogaphy

Vincent M. Timpone, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology. A board-certified radiologist with subspecialty training in neuroradiology, Dr. Timpone's clinical expertise is neuroimaging, with specific interests in neurovascular diseases and image-guided spine interventions. His research interests include imaging resource utilization in the evaluation of neurological neurological diseases with focus on appropriateness and cost effective imaging practices. Dr. Timpone serves on the neuroradiology expert panel for the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria Committee. Bibliography

David Zander, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology and Chief of Head & Neck Radiology. A board-certified Radiologist maintaining a Neuroradiology Subspecialty certification, his interests include imaging of head and neck cancer, neurotology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and parathyroid glands. Dr. Zander also performs minimally invasive biopsies of the deep face and neck. Bibliography